Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dave Fielding's Coconut DF new release and 2011 live shows

Dave Fielding's [Formerly known as the guitarist of the now defunct legendary 80's band The Chameleons] new band Coconut Dog Fuck is on the process of recording a new cd which will see the light on the new year. We'll keep you informed when we get more details about it [distribution etc...]. The band is also looking forward to play some gigs in Spain.

If there is any promoter interested contact me on the address below:

Dave Fielding ex guitarrista de Chameleons esta buscando promotores para tocar con su nuevo grupo 'Coconut Dog Fuck' en España.
Si hay algun promotor interesado que contacte conmigo.

We are also pleased to announce the fantastic The Reegs cover version of The Velvet Underground 'All Tomorrow Parties' will be included on a new compilation on Ozit Morpheus Records. The Reegs were Reg Smithies, Dave Fielding solo band. Gary Lavery joined a bit after.
Here are the contact details to order it:

Mail order Address:

Ozit Morpheus Records

Billy Fury Ltd
P.O.Box 116

Tel: 01565 734066 or 07970 219701


More info in The Reegs un-official website:

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Exit Calm@ Liam Gallagher [Oasis] 'Pretty green' party 26th Nov 2010

Last Friday 26th November Exit Calm played a live set at Liam's Gallagher clothing label 'Pretty Green' launch party on a sold out Islington Garage in London. The band was invited as a personal request of the former Oasis singer [ apparently now on a new project called 'Beady Eye'] who seem to be a fan of our favorite band.

Here are some photos of Liam Gallagher 'Pretty Green' party in the Islington Garage in London last Friday :

Liam is on da house

Ladies and Gentleman: Billy Idol!

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton both attended the event, other celebrities in attendance included Tom Meighan, Martin Freeman, Liam Howlett, Holly Willoughby, James Buckley, Tamzin Outhwaite, Andy Bell, Gem Archer, Natalie Appleton and also Exit Calm forumites Doubledex, Lefty, Nicko and Jolly amongst many others.

Exit Calm performed a 30 min set

Hopefully this will be the start and will help to give Exit Calm the media attention they really deserve. They are also now on the writing process of what it will become his 2nd work after the so acclaimed self titled debut album 'Exit Calm'.

Nicky Smith-Exit Calm

The band has also now a label to distribute the US/Canada releases:


Pedro Vila

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Years 7" vinyl copies for sale!

D. Fielding&Reg Smithies&Cris Seddon in 1979!

I have few copies of the YEARS single for sale. For all The Chameleons UK/ The Reegs fans this needs no introduction. They are in mint condition [even considering they are 30 years old!] and autographed by Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding.
I believe they are the last copies around and were stored for years in one of the band members mums house.

Price is 50 GBP plus postage.

A unique opportunity [and most probably the last one] to get this rare item!

If you are interested you can write me here and we will set the delivery, postage etc.. :

Needless to say money raised will go to the band.

Years single

Featuring members of The Chameleons UK - recorded in Cargo Studios in 1979.

Side 1

-Come Dancing

Side 2

-Red Chevi'
-Don't Leave

Reg Smithies-Bass

Dave Fielding-Guitar, Vocals

Christopher John Seddon-Drums, Vocals


Pedro Vila

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unreleased live track recorded on Janice Long BBC2 radio session in 2010

Exit Calm will record in 2011 what it will be their second release after the so acclaimed debut self titled album.

Bring it on!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Reegs unseen rare photos. Live@Red Eye London 98

Here are some live unseen photos kindly supplied by Cris Connelly who was the responsible [along with Dave Fielding&Reg Smithies&Gary Lavery] for putting out the [criminally underrated] Reegs singles 'You told me before' and 'As you leave'.

Dave&Gary&Reg Smithies

Cris is currently working on a book about CARGO studios where The Reegs recorded [as well as many many other bands like Joy Division, A certain Ratio, Echo&Bunnymen, Durutti Column and others from Factory Records].

Gary Lavery

He also asked me permission to include an interview I did for my Reegs unofficial website about Cris Seddon, formerly known as a member of 'Years', Dave&Reg first project before they joined The Chameleons.

Dave Fielding

Keep an eye on the book release date as it sounds pretty interesting to me. I will post more about the book as soon as I get some info.

Thank you Cris!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Exit Calm Barnsley Civic Live recording 26th June 2010

Here is the audio and video recording of the last show performed by Exit Calm at the Barnsley civic in June, courtesy of our good friend Big Clive. The band performed the whole self titled debut album plus 2 encores. What a fantastic night had by all.

Thank you Alex!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lincolnshire sailing boat trip&Exit Calm live in Barnsley June 2010

Brayford Canals in Lincolnshire

Last weekend Exit Calm played a gig on their hometown Barnsley in South Yorkshire UK. It was a one not to miss. I also had a couple of days with me mate Dave Fielding [The Chameleons] in Lincoln shire.
We had a fantastic sailing boat ride on the beautiful Lincoln canals pulling over in old pubs all the way here and there.

Alineación a la izquierda
A nice cold Guinness and gorgeous summer weather. What else do I need?

Legendary 80s guitarist-The Chameleons&The Reegs: Dave Fielding

We'll report soon [when I get a bit of time off] with more photos and also a review of Exit Calm legendary performance in Barnsley last saturday 26th June.

Exit Calm@Barnsley Civic Hall 26th June 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exit Calm - Recovery - FAC251 - 11/06/2010

Amazing performance of Exit Calm last week in London.

Roll on Barnsley next saturday! Without a doubt is going to be a legendary night.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exit Calm debut album 2010 review

Exit Calm in the beautiful Skipton castle in Barnsley recording Hearts and Minds video clip

Here is an excellent review from me mate Sean McKernan:

It’s been a long time coming and lesser bands would have folded under the lack of recognition from a largely indifferent mainstream music industry, but Exit Calm’s debut album has finally arrived. The opening track, ‘You’ve got it all wrong’ is the sound of the mothership coming into land. A huge sonic rumble locks into a rock solid groove with blistering guitars twisting and turning in a way not heard since the days of Verve’s ‘Gravity Grave’.

Track two is the euphoric single ‘We‘re on our Own’. A cliché-free anthem that hits you between the eyes from the first snare drum crack.
‘When you realise’ starts with the delicate ethereal beauty of a Sigur Ros signature before the guitars muscle in and take it to another dimension. If ‘You’ve got it all Wrong’ is their ‘I Wanna be Adored’ (and yes, it really does deserve to be classed with debuts of such quality) then ‘Hearts and Minds’ is their ‘I am the Resurrection’. A colossal, exhilarating rock song with a simple killer hook and guitars at the end screaming like a 747 coming into land. It’s the first sign that something very special indeed is brewing, which grows as the opening hypnotic chimes of ‘Don’t look Down’ winds its way into the soul of the listener.

Forgiveness’ is simply stunning. Brooding, atmospheric lyrics locked down with another killer Lindley/Pemberton groove. A post-rock Sly and Robbie, their contribution to the album should not be underestimated.

‘Reference’ is a genuine hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck-up beauty. Near orchestral guitars providing the perfect backdrop to the heartbreakingly poignant lyrics. Both in terms of style and quality

With Angels’ can be seen the sister track of ‘Forgiveness’. Complex and dynamic with moments of ferocious intensity.
‘Atone’ is another widescreen epic. Worked up from its original acoustic state into a song most other guitar bands in the world today would kill for.

‘Recovery’ starts with a military shuffling drum pattern and takes a while to find its groove before Rob Marshall takes control and hammers out a devastating psychedelic circular riff.
‘Serenity’ is the albums twilight track with Nicky Smith singing, as Tony Wilson once said about Joy Division, ‘like he has no fucking choice’. If Pemberton and Lindley are the post rock Sly and Robbie, then Rob Marshall is the post-rock Hendrix. Not in terms of flash virtuoso soloing and showmanship, but in terms of someone who has the ability to produce unworldly sounds from conventional instrumentation and an instinctive sixth-sense of how guitars fit together to produce a truly beautiful and epic sound. Massive waves and sheets of noise supplemented with elegant, subtle harmonic overlays without ever sounding overblown or bombastic.

Put simply, the guitars on this record make My Bloody Valentine sound like a bloke with a one stringed ukulele.

And then there is Nicky Smith. Renowned for his intense live performances, it is initially jolting to hear a genuine, ragged rock voice heading-up the type of guitar band traditionally fronted by a whispering, apologist whose vocals are just another sonic layer in the mix. Three of the tracks on the album (‘Atone’, ‘Serenity’ and ‘When you Realise’) have him singing more or less solo for the first half, revealing him to be a vocalist and lyricist of immense talent and power.
Recorded under conditions of almost unbearable financial and time-constrained pressure, Paddy Byrne and Ulrich Schnauss have created a widescreen masterpiece comparable with anything you’ll hear from a big budget studio. It’s a common trait for debut albums to sound neutered and over polite. The pair of have done a magnificent job in capturing the dynamic intensity of Exit Calm’s live performances.

This is not a classic shoegaze or post-rock record. It is a classic record full stop. One of the most accomplished debuts in recent (and even not so recent) history.

Totally devoid of filler tracks, it pulls you in instantly yet reveals more with every listen: two killer singles, an opening track as good as anything in living memory, power, complexity, intensity, beauty and passion with lyrics good enough to be published as poetry.

Top Manc scenester Clint Boon recently described Exit Calm as ‘One of greatest rock bands of all time. Simple as that’, which seems ridiculously overblown. Until you hear this album and it all makes perfect sense.
Has a debut album on a tiny independent label ever won the Mercury Music Prize? If there is any justice in the world, this album should.

Sean McKernan Monday 26th April 2010 11.15pm

Ps. Got me vinyl copies today and they are simply stunning!

Pedro Vila

Monday, March 29, 2010

EXIT CALM Debut album release

Exit Calm Album cover

So we ve got finally the final tracklist and confirmed dates for the debut album from our favorite band.

The album [CD or 2 x LP] can be pre-ordered on Club AC30:
And also there is the chance to buy the [always very wanted] Japanese version which, as usual, comes with 2 extra tracks ['Hope' and 'All On You']. It wont be distributed in Europe so it has to be purchased straight from Japan.

I am aware the 2 x LP vinyl its a very very limited edition and I am positive it will sell fast so if I were you I would pre -order it now before they run out of copies!
Its going to be soon a record collector piece indeed!

Confirmed EXIT CALM debut album track list [UK and Europe]


1. You've Got It All Wrong
2. We're On Our Own
3. When You Realise
4. Hearts And Minds
5. Don't Look Down
6. Forgiveness
7. Reference
8. With Angels
9. Atone
10. Recovery
11. Serenity

Pedro Vila

Monday, March 15, 2010

Exit Calm album&Single release news

Hearts and Minds [edit] video
Got this off Exit Calm management:

May 3rd sees the release of 'Hearts and Minds' the unstoppable new single from South Yorkshire based four piece, Exit Calm. A rousing and commanding call to arms, showcasing their distinctive wall of immense and anthemic sound, the track is the perfect introduction to a band whose sincerity, presence and originality resonates both sonically and soulfully, serving to remind you what real bands are all about.

Taken from their forthcoming self titled debut album produced by Paddy Byrne (Unkle, The Hours) and mixed by Ulrich Schnauss (Longview, The Engineers) 'Hearts and Minds' proved a live favourite as the band travelled the UK last year supporting the likes of Echo and The Bunnymen, The Charlatans, Modest Mouse and Soulsavers; gathering and expanding a fervently loyal fan base along the way.

With heady guitars, ambient and effect laden layers, echoes of musical heroes such as The Verve and Spiritualized are undeniable, yet Exit Calm's delivery is incomparably unique and in a class of its own. This is a band that once seen, leave no doubt in belief; coming alive on stage and evoking an atmosphere of epic proportions.

Hearts and Minds is available on digital download and heavyweight coloured 7" vinyl on May 3rd with their debut album 'Exit Calm' following on May 17th through Club AC30.

The single can be pre-ordered from Club AC30 here:

Exit Calm are: Nicky Smith (vocals) , Rob Marshall (guitars), Simon Lindley. (bass) and Scott Pemberton (drums).

" With ragged vocals and swathes of widescreen guitar effects reminiscent of early verve, South Yorkshire’s four-piece Exit Calm have a penchant for all things epic" (Q MAGAZINE).

"Exit Calm are so far out in front of the rest of the competition at present it's frightening. In fact, you can almost imagine bands forming in their wake as we speak." (DROWNED IN SOUND).

"Unashamedly epic, their effects-laden sound adds a wide-eyed romantic edge that is alluringly easy to lose yourself in." (THE METRO)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Exit Calm album release

So rumors have started regarding the release of most eagerly awaited album of the decade.
Exit Calm Album release the 17th May 2010. Single release 'Hearts and Minds' [radio edit] 3rd May.
Also a possible track-listing:

You've got it all wrong
We're on our own
When you realize
Hearts and minds
Don't look down
With angels

Hoping here ' Keep the light Alive' and ' Sirens' will be the bsides

Here is the poster of next Exit Calm gig in Manchester the 25th March.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exit Calm Free track download 'All On You'

Exit Calm:Scott Pemberton, Rob Marshall, Simon Lindley and Nicky Smith

From the album sessions, produced by the legend that is Ulrich Schnauss and recorded in London. Unfortunately this song [All on You] wont make it to the album.

Download this song joining EXIT CALM mailing list here:

Is going to be the album of 2010 already and without a doubt an essential piece on music history as good as debuts like The Stone Roses 'Self titled' or Manchester finest The Chameleons 'Script of The Bridge' as well as Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures', Love 'Forever Changes', Hendrix 'Are You Experienced' , The Doors first release or The Velvet Underground&Nico.
The list goes on...

Wait and see..... its coming in April.

More songs in the Exit Calm Spanish Fan site link below:

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Palamos Costa Brava Xmas&Boxing Day 2009

Jordi Felani the thinking man

Last xmas I spent a few days in Palamos in Costa Brava. We always gather with me old mates for this days and also for NYE. The place was so quiet unlike the crowded days in summertime.

Cala S' Alguer wee fisherman Village

Cala Castells Sunset a new decade ahead

Cala Castells

A few years back there was planned the construction of dozens of summer villas in Cala Castells near Palamós but due to a massive media campaign promoted by the locals the whole project was stopped and canceled. A prove once again that people can still change things.
Revolution wont happen on TV. Start your own one!

Cala Castell Palamós Catalunya