Friday, August 24, 2012

Simon Madrazo Rotger

Simon Madrazo Rotger

Last night I lost my best friend Simon Madrazo.
He was like a brother to me. We lived countless experiences together since the 80's until this very day. He was my teacher in life, my mentor, a great soul and one of the most altruistic and charming persons I ever meet. We both shared a big passion for music and that keep us for decades always together.

He lived the life he wanted 100% and always was there when needed with a huge grin on his face. The best friend of his friends...... intense, sensitive,bright, very intelligent... and god he knew how to party!!

Gracia neighborhood little plazas here in Barcelona will not be the same anymore without you Simon. 
I consider myself a very lucky person to have crossed paths with you in my life and to have shared  some many many great times together.

Thank you Simón. Thank you for show me what true friendship means.
I have been asked by your family to choose the music for your funeral and I promise I will not disappoint you a tiny bit.
You will be sorely missed but never, never forgotten.
Me and all your friends we will raise a Voll Damm beer in your honour my friend.

Love you brother. may you rest in peace.
Now you are finally free.
Rock on!

Simon Madrazo Rotger

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Two Skies

Two Skies is a 3 piece band based in Sheffield, England. I've been looking forward to see this band playing live for a while now. Last 14th of July they performed a top live set in Coalfields festival in Barnsley.

                                                              Dan Cutts-Two Skies

The singer and guitarist Dan Cutts used to play in a band before called Lyca Sleep. I saw them in Manchester sometime in 2004-5 and they blew me away.  He has a new band now and he hasnt disappointed a bit.  They play a sort of Psychedelic/alternative Rock and I personally believe Daniel has a great and a very powerful voice.

                                                                    Jamie Cheetham-Bass

They have a new single released ( can purchase in the official website:

Two Skies official website

                                                       Jamie, Oliver and Dan-Two Skies

Here is the official video of the new single:

And here is a video I ve edited with footage from this summer Coalfields fest in Barnsley UK

Friday, July 06, 2012


Joel Lopez XTREMEJEWEL hand made bracelets

My good old friend Joel Lopez Garcia lives in the Pyrenees mountains near Andorra and The Sierra of Cadí in a  small village called Bar (How cool is that?) which is 3.900 ft. high above sea level.
Joel makes beautiful hand made silver bracelets (XTREME JEWEL) after 25 years experience in the jewelry industry. 
Their design is unique and they are 5 year guaranteed. They are a pretty classy present. I strongly recommend you to have a look at his website on the link below. You can see also a video of Joel  working with the silver bracelets.


Mind you this is not a mass produced product. XTREME JEWEL is the result of a hard work by my friend Joel. 
A perfect Christmas/birthday/anniversary present. And he delivers worldwide!
Feel free to contact him for any information and tell him you come from this site and you might get a nice discount!

Joel Lopez XTREMEJEWEL hand made bracelets

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reignwolf-Primavera Sound 2012

I don't do big crowded music festivals anymore although Primavera Sound in sunny Barcelona has to be the exception. His great location in the mediterranean sea (Parc Forum), great atmosphere and terrific line up of bands from all different genres make the perfect cocktail for us obsessed gig goers.

ReignWolf -Primavera Sound 2012

There were about 250 bands playing this year (Top acts from Hardcore Punk to Dance, hip hop, metal, Techno, Goth, indie etc...) so you really need to have planned before which bands you want to see each year.
This are the list of bands I ve seen this 2012:

Primavera day 1: Reignwolf, Mudhoney, Rats on Rafts, Refused, Bombino, Spiritualized and Wolves in the throne room
Primavera day 2: Liturgy, Napalm Death, Dirty Three, M83, Main and Death in Vegas
Primavera day 3: Beach House, Demdike stare, Shellac, Godflesh, The Pop Group, Washed out, OFF!, Mujeres.
Plus Richard Hawley and The Wedding Present as opening/closing acts.

I normally tend to see new stuff, bands that I' ve never seen or heard before unless there is a big 80s-90s band I haven't catch up live with before (Not that there are that many left).

One of my favorite gigs was Reignwolf. What a great find!. This Canadian lad (here we go with the lazy comparisons although always gives a rough idea) sounds like a good mix of Jack White of the White Stripes plus classic Led Zeppelin 70's sort of thing. A man his guitar and a drum bass.

One not to miss has to be is his Fletwood Mac's rendition of 'The Chain' played with a electric mandolin. Here is a good clip video proving what Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf) is capable to do:


Monday, May 21, 2012

Exit Calm &The Reegs HD videos

Here are two more videos I ve edited with iMovie.

The first is a rare The Reegs song  'Jesus Came To Manchester' from Dave Fielding former guitarist of the 80's band The Chameleons. Reckless Robbie a missed Manchester is featured on the song. I added bits from unseen video footage I had on VHS.

The second one is live footage from the band Exit Calm that I personally recorded on their last tour last april supporting 'Marion'. Videos are from Manchester Ruby Lounge and O2 Academy in London.
The band had planned to release this 2012 an EP but last news seem to confirm the recording of a full album. We will wait with great anticipation.

Exit Calm -With Angels

The Reegs-Jesus Came To Manchester

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dave Fielding HD live footage

Here are some videos I edited from former guitarist of The Chameleons UK Dave Fielding on their last tour in England last summer 2012 with his current band Coconut DF.  The High definition footage is from the recordings I did on their Manchester gig at the  Star&Garter, Pinxton and Huddersfield.
Soundtracks are from Dave other 90s project The Reegs.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Exit Calm on tour Spring 2012

 More updated news from our favourite band.

Exit Calm are recording in studio what it will be their second album after their self titled double lp. Also a EP release is on the cards.
Regarding live performances Exit Calm will be on tour supporting Marion across England and its almost confirmed a possible gig in their hometown Barnsley for the 14th of July 2012

Here are the dates for their upcoming support tour this April 2012:

07th April Manchester Ruby Lounge
10th Glasgow King Tuts
12th London O2 Academy
13th Sheffield Leadmill
14th Durham Live Lounge
15th York Duchess

A recent interview from the band:

Exit Calm Interview Link

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gustavo Cerati

Gustavo Cerati is the singer of a very popular Argentinian 80's band called Soda Stereo. Despite have a very distinctive sound from the time they were widely ignored here in Spain (And still this days).
Gustavo suffered a cerebral stroke after a concert in Venezuela in May 2010. He remains in coma since.
I always thought he was a very underrated guitarist.

Here is a rare collaboration with the Colombian band Aterciopelados:

We really hope he gets well very soon.