Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Coconut DF gig@ Global Village festival Scholey Park Tattershall Lincoln

The Night [Part 2]
So what was next on Saturday?

Our Gaz

We needed to get some food and also energy for the night so Chips&Curry and a delicious Beef&Onion pie was compulsory. We were now prepared for the fest.

We went to Tescos to get more John Smith Cans and other supplies needed for our Nomad camping mates [Ice, fags, food for a full english breakfast, Plenty of cider, etc...]

There was a big main stage and a small dome too were Coconut DF were supposed to play. Also there was an alternative cinema and another big tent I didnt have time to see.

Dave Fielding

The fest atmosphere was great very relaxed. A perfect friendly environment.

Thought that Mini Bike was cool

I went to see some of the bands were playing and I also saw Andy Shades band on the main stage.

Andy Shades

Nice one

We chilled with our friends all the day around the festival and enjoy the company of our friend Darran [AKA Gonzo] and a mate, who came from Derbyshire to enjoy the weekend too.


The sun was shinning.

We even managed to see a brief performance of the mighty 'Rocking Bob' singing 'Tiger feet' by Mud!



Around 7 pm Coconut DF soundcheck was close so the band was getting the gear ready and Gaz started unloading and plugging the light equipment from his van, like we did in other shows.


The set was about 45 minutes and they started to play about 7:45 pm. It wasnt the best timing for the music and style CDF does I have to say, they probably would fit much better in later hours of the night. But I dont think the band really was bothered at all.

Gipsy Dave

New percusionist

Dave started the show with his great ebow intro like other shows and injected instantly an intense energy all around the dome. It was the prelude for what was about to come.

Its always a full pleasure to hear the Microfret sound that undeniably shined so bright on the past, and still does, but with a brand new music direction.

There is one pretty obvious thing for sure, Mr Fielding has moved on.

Ralph Harris

Coconut DF its a brilliant blend of spacey sounds with tribal beats, they are fresh and psychedelic, experimental and trippy.

Coconut DF are a band worth exploring, if you are musically audacious and not stuck in the past. A perfect mixture of dance beats, tribal drums and that heavily delayed e bow guitar chords we all have heard before on The Chameleons and The Reegs. Dave Fielding's own trademark.

Dave singing 'Bosnia' photo by Darran

I really really hope they decide to record something one day.

Its always a pleasure to see Dave play. The legacy remains but on a new form and shape.

Pic by Darran

Our Bo Dancing

There was a new percusionist playing along with Ralph Harris. They added the perfect cocktail for their dance tribal spacey sound. Coconut DF are a great live band and the fact that they played a bit early didnt stopped us to have a fantastic time.

I cant really tell much about set lists or any songs order. After the intro a couple of long tunes were played, mostly improvised I guess, although to be honest it doesnt looks like it, but I can tell you one thing though, you have never heard anything like this before.

The stage light was great , another sterling job of our friend Gaz.

'Bosnia' was the final chapter for a class evening. Every time gets better and better, since I saw it played on The Reegs with Reg backing on the guitar 10 years ago.

Photo by Darran Metters

After the show everyone seemed very pleased.

And we even had a top sunset!

Other acts were lined up on the night, but there was one needs to be mentioned: Dj Food. Im not really much anymore into Djs and all that sort of culture [I pretty much prefer live bands], but this lads were very good. They were mixing Hendrix, The Beat, and loads of other odd bands and tunes with their breakbeat drum&bass style .Proper djs I have to say.
Nice one.

Dj Food

It was a quick but intense trip to England and a unique chance to see Dave&lads play live this summer, probably this year.
We will wait with great anticipation for the next one for sure.

See you next one guys!



Here is a few more pics I took


Me again. Photo by Becky

Blowing fire!

Coconut DF gig Global Village festival@Scholey Park in Tattershall, Lincoln.

Festival entrance

The Day part 1

Few days ago Dave Fielding's [The Chameleons] current project Coconut DF was asked to play on the last minute in The Global Village Festival so without much notice they were lined up to play on saturday afternoon.
It was time to pack me stuff, get my travel bag ready and visit my friends in England.

Lincoln Suburbs. Looks posh!

After meet my friend Gaz in his place in Lincoln friday afternoon and have a couple of beers and a chat we decided to head straight to the Festival.

The initial plan was to go and see Exit Calm-Ex Lyca Sleep guys-in Barnsley that night but after text Rob the guitarrist he told me the gig was re arranged for the 28th . Bugger!! I hope to have the chance to see them pretty soon because they are the most promising band in Northern England at the moment.

I was stunned with the small villages we drove across on the way to fest near Tattershall. Very nice pintoresque English style houses. Everything looked very green, tasty, flowered decorated and very clean. Lincoln has definetly a lovely countryside. The roads were narrow and Gaz took me hrough some shorcuts he knew which made the journey even more enjoyable.

Bardney, on the way to Tattershall

I can only feel sorry for all those massive hords of spaniards going every summer to overpriced London, thinking they ve seen it all in England. Idiots!. I tell you what, better to keep things like they are, otherwise these unique places on the countryside would loss their genuine charm.

I ve only missed the chance to stop in one of the odd traditional pubs in any of the small villages we saw on the way and enjoy a nice pint of Bitter, but we had better plans to do. See our mates Dave&Becky, our Lincoln friends and other usual suspects.

We although stopped in an old catholic Abbey to make some pics [Well actually what it was left of it]. According to my friend they were all over the country and they were burned down by Henry the VIII when he converted to protestantism.

Tuppholme Abbey

This places have always an intense energy to me.

As soon as we got in the place Gaz gave me a free pass, a wrist band which I could use the whole weekend. Nice one!

The weather was a bit cloudly and it poored down a bit from time to time on the afternoon but it was that sort of light rain you get in England that doesnt lasts too long. But coming from Madrid and been +40c I can guarantee you I enjoyed the rain a lot.
Alcohol wasnt sold on the fest premises so we did make sure to buy crates of beer and cider and other refreshments for the next days. And I tell you what, its been possibly the cheapest festival I ve been in my entire life!

That Van said: Got more drugs than a chemist

It was certainly a plus to have your favourite cold drink anytime and avoid, like in other overcrowed events, long annoying queues for a expensive warm plastic glass of crap beer.

Some friends: Rockin' Bob, Dave, Gaz, Darran, David Becky and Emma!


The festival had its own Chill Out ZonE

We saw this bloke walking on the distance. The perfect good place to chill.

We saw some of the bands and some were very good but unfortunetly and due to alcohol intake I didnt pay much attention to set lists or any bands names.

Gaz, David, Dave Fielding and Darran

Bo trying to catch the freezbee

The best was about to come the next day.

Photo by Darran
We stayed until the live music finished and we decided to head back to Lincoln to see again our friends in the next day.

err..thats me. Photo by Darran

Darran and Rockin' Bob!

end of part 1