Friday, August 24, 2012

Simon Madrazo Rotger

Simon Madrazo Rotger

Last night I lost my best friend Simon Madrazo.
He was like a brother to me. We lived countless experiences together since the 80's until this very day. He was my teacher in life, my mentor, a great soul and one of the most altruistic and charming persons I ever meet. We both shared a big passion for music and that keep us for decades always together.

He lived the life he wanted 100% and always was there when needed with a huge grin on his face. The best friend of his friends...... intense, sensitive,bright, very intelligent... and god he knew how to party!!

Gracia neighborhood little plazas here in Barcelona will not be the same anymore without you Simon. 
I consider myself a very lucky person to have crossed paths with you in my life and to have shared  some many many great times together.

Thank you Simón. Thank you for show me what true friendship means.
I have been asked by your family to choose the music for your funeral and I promise I will not disappoint you a tiny bit.
You will be sorely missed but never, never forgotten.
Me and all your friends we will raise a Voll Damm beer in your honour my friend.

Love you brother. may you rest in peace.
Now you are finally free.
Rock on!

Simon Madrazo Rotger

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Two Skies

Two Skies is a 3 piece band based in Sheffield, England. I've been looking forward to see this band playing live for a while now. Last 14th of July they performed a top live set in Coalfields festival in Barnsley.

                                                              Dan Cutts-Two Skies

The singer and guitarist Dan Cutts used to play in a band before called Lyca Sleep. I saw them in Manchester sometime in 2004-5 and they blew me away.  He has a new band now and he hasnt disappointed a bit.  They play a sort of Psychedelic/alternative Rock and I personally believe Daniel has a great and a very powerful voice.

                                                                    Jamie Cheetham-Bass

They have a new single released ( can purchase in the official website:

Two Skies official website

                                                       Jamie, Oliver and Dan-Two Skies

Here is the official video of the new single:

And here is a video I ve edited with footage from this summer Coalfields fest in Barnsley UK