Monday, March 29, 2010

EXIT CALM Debut album release

Exit Calm Album cover

So we ve got finally the final tracklist and confirmed dates for the debut album from our favorite band.

The album [CD or 2 x LP] can be pre-ordered on Club AC30:
And also there is the chance to buy the [always very wanted] Japanese version which, as usual, comes with 2 extra tracks ['Hope' and 'All On You']. It wont be distributed in Europe so it has to be purchased straight from Japan.

I am aware the 2 x LP vinyl its a very very limited edition and I am positive it will sell fast so if I were you I would pre -order it now before they run out of copies!
Its going to be soon a record collector piece indeed!

Confirmed EXIT CALM debut album track list [UK and Europe]


1. You've Got It All Wrong
2. We're On Our Own
3. When You Realise
4. Hearts And Minds
5. Don't Look Down
6. Forgiveness
7. Reference
8. With Angels
9. Atone
10. Recovery
11. Serenity

Pedro Vila

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