Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two Skies


Two Skies is a 3 piece band from Sheffield UK.  On the last 3 years they released a couple of eps and singles.
They have been touring and playing for a while now in small clubs in the north of England and also in London. They are about to release this 2013 their very anticipated debut album. I saw them playing live last weekend in Coalfields Festival in Barnsley and they were in top form.

                                                                  Single 4am/Lucky

Dan Cutts was the singer in a band called Lyca Sleep (Nowadays called Exit Calm) before he joined Two Skies. What we didnt know is that Dan can also play the guitar, and he is very good by the way.

To give an idea of what they do I would define their music as a sort of Indie Psychedelic Rock and I have to say they are brilliant live.
Two Skies already supported bands like Six by seven, Ultrasound, Toy and Wooden Shjips.
Keep an eye on this band, you wont be disappointed.

Two Skies are:

Dan Cutts/Vox, Lead guitar
Oliver Harrap/Drums
Jamie Cheetham/Bass

                                                           Two Skies official website

                                                      Dan Cutts- Coalfields July 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome To Eat Healthy Việt Nam!

Welcome To Eat Healthy Việt Nam!

Resources for English teachers and students focusing on Food, Nutrition and the traditional Vietnamese diet.

Eat healthy viet nam website link

This site offers both teachers and students FREE English learning resources for use for lessons dealing with food and nutrition vocabulary.

Some lessons also teach ideas about what foods are good to eat as part of the English lesson. However, what is good for a person in the UK to eat often does not apply in Vietnam. Vietnam has a very different climate, culture, lifestyle and eating habits. The Vietnamese people are strong and have less diseases related to diet than people living in Western countries. 
According to the World Health Organisation -Western Pacific this is because the Vietnamese diet includes a lot of fruit and vegetables and not a lot of animal protein and fat. This website includes texts and information based on Vietnamese government recommendations. This makes for better reading skills activities, as it is easier to read texts when they are about things that you know and do in your own life.


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