Sunday, November 28, 2010

Years 7" vinyl copies for sale!

D. Fielding&Reg Smithies&Cris Seddon in 1979!

I have few copies of the YEARS single for sale. For all The Chameleons UK/ The Reegs fans this needs no introduction. They are in mint condition [even considering they are 30 years old!] and autographed by Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding.
I believe they are the last copies around and were stored for years in one of the band members mums house.

Price is 50 GBP plus postage.

A unique opportunity [and most probably the last one] to get this rare item!

If you are interested you can write me here and we will set the delivery, postage etc.. :

Needless to say money raised will go to the band.

Years single

Featuring members of The Chameleons UK - recorded in Cargo Studios in 1979.

Side 1

-Come Dancing

Side 2

-Red Chevi'
-Don't Leave

Reg Smithies-Bass

Dave Fielding-Guitar, Vocals

Christopher John Seddon-Drums, Vocals


Pedro Vila

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