Monday, September 14, 2009

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez -Tony R.I.P. 1965-2009

My best friend and brother Antonio Blanco [Tony] got murdered in El Salvador last Friday 11th September 2009. I'm still in shock. He got shot seven times on the chest by 3 people when he was driving his motorbike on his way home.
El Salvador Police
(PNC) is investigating. they said that the incident occurred in the village of San Antonio Abad of Los Indios, in the jurisdiction of Maple City-Ciudad Arce, 40 miles west of San Salvador.

He wasn’t only my friend, he was my brother.
I spoke with him the very same morning as he was visiting Spain for a few weeks and also coming to see me in Madrid this very Wednesday he did send me this photo. Probably the last photo of him

Toni was a very special person, unique, one in a million and he also literally saved my life years ago. We lived loads of intense experiences together since our teenage days on the 80s.. So many memories.....
He was a single parent and leaves a 4 year old beautiful girl called 'Maya Blanco'.

But nobody dies if you keep his memory alive. And I will make sure this is gonna happen.

Love you mate and will never forget you, because to me you are not gone.

R.I.P. brother

We have created a group for Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] in Facebook [See link below]. This is an open group for everyone to share memories and keep his flame alive. If you have photos or you crossed paths with him in the past, please share your story with us all:

Antonio Blanco Facebook group

Here is a video I recorded with Tony in our skyjet trip in rio Dulce Guatemala on the way to Belize in August 2006.

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez&Pedro Vila in Izabal Lake [Rio Dulce]

Pedro Vila

If you want to read more about Toni click on the links on the right LABELS

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Monday, September 07, 2009

USA Trip

After the summer hiatus I will have a bit more time to update the blog, so apologizes for the lack of content and updates. To be honest I always saw summer the right time to spent as much as you can outdoors so didn't have or wanted time for computers.

Fires in Yosemite National Park August 09

I had a fantastic time this summer on the US.I stayed a some days in Chicago and also I drove some of the west coast, Big Sur and also to Yosemite National Park. One of the things I found more shocking were the fires. They were huge, in San Gabriel Mountains I think and also in Yosemite. Mount Wilson was on flames too.

Spooky skies Los Angeles 2009

On the way to Mojave desert

Fires near the Highway

I was told the fires can burn for weeks. The view at night was very sad, hundreds of years gone within minutes
I'll report back soon when I get a bit of time off, and also to review an exciting flight with a glider over the Mojave desert!


Pedro Vila