Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Palamos Costa Brava Xmas&Boxing Day 2009

Jordi Felani the thinking man

Last xmas I spent a few days in Palamos in Costa Brava. We always gather with me old mates for this days and also for NYE. The place was so quiet unlike the crowded days in summertime.

Cala S' Alguer wee fisherman Village

Cala Castells Sunset a new decade ahead

Cala Castells

A few years back there was planned the construction of dozens of summer villas in Cala Castells near Palamós but due to a massive media campaign promoted by the locals the whole project was stopped and canceled. A prove once again that people can still change things.
Revolution wont happen on TV. Start your own one!

Cala Castell Palamós Catalunya

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Blogoblo said...

Qué buena pinta la Cala Castells. Una buena excusa para coger la moto y visitarla.