Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lincolnshire sailing boat trip&Exit Calm live in Barnsley June 2010

Brayford Canals in Lincolnshire

Last weekend Exit Calm played a gig on their hometown Barnsley in South Yorkshire UK. It was a one not to miss. I also had a couple of days with me mate Dave Fielding [The Chameleons] in Lincoln shire.
We had a fantastic sailing boat ride on the beautiful Lincoln canals pulling over in old pubs all the way here and there.

Alineación a la izquierda
A nice cold Guinness and gorgeous summer weather. What else do I need?

Legendary 80s guitarist-The Chameleons&The Reegs: Dave Fielding

We'll report soon [when I get a bit of time off] with more photos and also a review of Exit Calm legendary performance in Barnsley last saturday 26th June.

Exit Calm@Barnsley Civic Hall 26th June 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exit Calm - Recovery - FAC251 - 11/06/2010

Amazing performance of Exit Calm last week in London.

Roll on Barnsley next saturday! Without a doubt is going to be a legendary night.