Friday, October 19, 2007

Pals Girona Oct 2007.


Guillermo and Willy

Pals is a small Village located in the heart of Costa Brava. It a nice town with narrow stone made streets and medieval castle constructions everywhere. We reunited a bunch of friends last weekend there. It was the goodbye for 2007 summer. Now its time for mushroom picking.

Pals medieval streets

Pals local council. Are we missing a flag there? :-D

It was a quiet walk in town. Surprisingly there were no tourists around to be seen. I guess is very different in August.

Robert and Willy

Jordi looking to this posh house in the middle of the village

Yes man, we all dream sometimes too....

Nice garden

There is a church on the middle of the village. We tried to get a beer on the vending machine inside, but it was only for candles. Bummer.
The ecstasy of St. Robert

You can see the Medas Islands on the distance.

Medas Islands

They are a top place for scuba diving.

Willy haircut, back to the 70's?

We found the only bar open in town and we sat on the terrace for a quick beer.

Jordi and Guillermo

Well they were a few actually....

A proper paella at the end of the day was the cherry of the cake. And there was time for one more last swim too.


Summer is almost gone

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ride to France

Port Bou

Llança Costa Brava

And Mission Complete!
Last sunday I drove all the way through the catalan coast in Costa Brava to the south of France.
Tossa de Mar, Empuries, Llança and then Port Bou right on the spanish border was the route. Amazing curvy roads shrouded by high cliffs and unspoiled wild beaches, the dream for any biker.

French border, on the way to Colliure

Bike performance was fantastic, so were the new competition tyres and the tunned exhaust [Akrapovic]. 700 km in two days and overall I can say it has passed the test. Althought a very different driving and a complete new experience than a two stroker I have to say, power is delivered in a very different way.
The Honda CBR 900 RR is a fucking missile!
I will post a full review&pics on the upcoming days.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Honda Fireblade 900 RR

Check out my new cutie. 150 HP of pure power.

Im planning next year to travel around Europe with it. Havent choosed places yet but there are some destinations on the cards. Will start this weekend with a trip to the south of France.
Might do some videos too.