Monday, September 29, 2008

More photos trip Barcelona-Paris [Part 1]

Montseny mountains near Maresme Area

So here we are with a few more photos of my unplanned, fully improvised trip to Paris. The one above is from The Montseny mountains where everything started.

Port de La Selva sunset
Then I drove all the way from the motorway towards Costa Brava- France, although I went to Cadaques first and Port de La Selva later to stay a night. I didn't still knew I was going to get more further up.


The photo above is from Cadaqués. A nice pintoresque small village not far from the French border. I initially wanted to stay there for a day or two, and visit the small beaches [called Calas here] around, but due that it was August it was a bit over crowded so I decided to get to the next village 'Port de La Selva', which is one of the last towns before you get to France.


Leaving Cadaqués

Port de La Selva

Port De la Selva is a nice small fisherman village right in the heart of Costa Brava. The area is pretty unspoiled and it has a nice clean waters to swimm and do some great scuba diving. Cala Tamariua near the village is one of my favourite beaches. You hardly find people there and is got one of the cleanest waters I ve seen on my entire life. In fact all the area has.



At this point is where the idea to get to the french side started to go in me head. The south east coast in France is a brilliant ride, with plenty of curvy roads. In fact France has one of the best roads-motorways system of Europe. Nothing to do with the ones we get here in Spain really.

Once you cross Port Bou, last town in Catalunya, then you find all along the coast the first French Villages. Cerbere is the first we get on the 'other side' which it isnt a special place really. After Banyuls Sur Mer next village is Port Vendres and then Colliure.

French border

In Colliure I stopped to get something to eat. Its a nice village with a big castle right near the beach. By the style and architecture of this little villages you can tell you are not in Spain anymore. I couldn't tell how, but they look different.

Port Vendres, France

After leaving Colliure, my next destination was Perpignan. Once I got there I bought a french map and start looking for possible destinations.
The first option would be to carry on along the french seaside and get to Nice, Monaco or perhaps go to the Italian border.
The second option was to drive to the main land, go to Carcassone, Toulouse and go up north.
Paris sounded like a great destination. Despite having some relatives there, Its been a long time since I was in Paris last time. First option was much shorter, and second meant about 2.500 km. But what the fcuk! , on the most spontaneous way I choose to get to Paris.

Colliure. Home of thespanish poet Antonio Machado

Colliure Castle

Weather was great so far. A very important fact for motorbike riding. I checked on the local newspapers and the forecast looked pretty sunny for the upcoming days.
Once I passed Carcassone I took the motorway to Toulouse. The countryside here started to get really beautiful. There were loads of green fields and forests with beautiful Castles all the way near the roads. They were very well preserved.
I was stunned about how beautiful the French countryside is. It has really nothing to envy to England for example, in fact I believe is got more forests and trees than UK.

Toulouse and Limoges were my next destinations.

End of part 1

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