Wednesday, September 24, 2008

17-19 Rue Beautreillis Paris

The Doors Live at the London Fog L.A. 1966

17-19 Rue Beautreillis Paris

Bastille Metro station, its right over the river!

So leaving Pére Lachaise cemetery, I walked down to 'La Bastille' station.
CLICK HERE If you want to read about my visit to Pére Lachaise cemetary in Paris where is Jim's grave site.
La Bastille is a quite big square, and going by one of the streets that ends there, about 4 or 5 crossroads I found Rue Beautreillis. 17-19 It is a small narrow street, pretty similar to many streets we can find here in some cities in Spain. I couldnt avoid thinking how it would feel like for an American citizen used to live in Los Angeles that was then living in Paris.

At the start of the street we can find a liquor store. I thought to meself that it probably was very handy for Mr. Morrison considering his regular and very often drinking habits.

Rue Beautreillis street

Jim Morrison A rare photo in 1965

Right at the middle of the street we can find the house itself. The main gate looked different from the old photos I've seen on the internet before.

The block looked posh to be honest, being on city center I guess it wasnt a cheap flat to rent.
I think the place was lend to him from a local french model at the time called Zozo.

Not much else can be said about the street really. I took some shots on the main gate and I also saw some people getting in, some looked like residents I guess and some others looked like if they worked there on an office. I think Morrison flat was the 2nd on the left

The door was open, you only had to push and get inside, but to be honest I wasn't really bothered. I assumed that people there was a bit pissed off about tourists and peepers lurking around.

This street plate was few yards beside Jim's block lol

Some stories came recently about the strange death of the Rock n roll star. Until the date the most convincing theory said that Jim was found on his bathtub one summer morning by his all time girlfriend Pamela Courson. But this year the landlord of a well known club on the 70's called 'The Rock 'n Roll' circus' Sam Bernett, where Jim Morrison used to hang around, said that he overdosed on the bar toilets the night before and therefore they carried the dead body and through a rear gate they took it to his flat in Rue Beautreillis where they tried to reanimate him with a hot bath, which is apparently the thing you do when someone overdose with Heroin.

One of the last shots from Jim Morrison in Paris early June 1971 taken by his mate Alain Ronay

This guy seems has kept quiet until now because the french law cant re open files after 20 years have passed.
There are so many people this last decades trying to cash in writing books with some Morrison stories, which makes hard to believe any other new conspiracy theories.

Rare early photos late 66 early 67 perhaps

To be honest I don't think we will never know the whole truth and thinking about it I doubt its relevant anymore.

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