Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Javier Monforte

Radio Futura-Enrique Sierra 2nd on the right

Javier Monforte was an underrated Spanish guitarist who played with a few bands on the eighties. His most popular collaboration was with Radio Futura a well known band in Spain at the time, from 1981 until the early nineties when they did split up.
Enrique Sierra was the former guitarist but in 1987 and due to a kidney disease the band agrees to 'hire' a temporarily one. Then its when Javier Monforte joined Radio Futura. They were so satisfied with Javier that he even stays when Enrique was recovered and he also joins them on their next live tour and double album.

Javier Monforte [raises arm] with 'La dama se esconde' in 1992 photo by Enric Mateu

I believe Javier didn't get the recognition he really deserved [Radio Futura was nearly at the end of their career] but to me he was as good [if better] than the original one. I did some research on the Internet looking for any updates about his work but couldn't find much stuff really. I think he is a music producer this days.
I also found this video on youtube which is included on a recent Radio Futura DVD release. Its from some live performance on the Spanish tv around 88-89 I. Although the sound is far from the band's original style, it shows quiet well his quality and music influences. Very 80's!

La Ley Radio Futura

Who said we did not have good Spanish bands on the 80's?

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