Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Exit Calm

And finally here we have the stunning debut single of Exit Calm, most awaited new mastered stuff from the Yorkshire based band [formerly Lyca Sleep].

Exit Calm Debut Single album cover

Higher Learning/awake
New remastered songs are available to listen on their myspacesite

And here is my Manc friend Cath ace review of their last show in 'Night and day' in Manchester.

LIVE REVIEW 18.12.07 Machester-Night and Day Category: Music Exit Calm 18 December 2007 / Night & Day / Manchester By Cath Aubergine

"It feels like something of a travesty that Exit Calm are still on the treadmill of pic'n'mix unsigned nights; often at these sorts of sessions the crowd comprises a motley collection of friends and families. You can spot them a mile off. Not so in this case; Exit Calm have fans, growing in number every time they play. Tonight quite a few have made the journey across the Pennines with them; elsewhere in the crowd is none other than The Verve's Nick McCabe. And from the first long lingering guitar tones, it's not hard to understand why. Standing in the stageside shadows, Rob Marshall is quite simply one of the most incredible guitarists around; echoing the floating anti-riffs of The Chameleons' Dave Fielding, McCabe's liquid formations and the expansive soundscapes of the Sonic Cathedral set - all at once. You wonder if he's got three more of himself tucked away behind an amp somewhere. And already set apart from most of the space-dream revivalists by their sheer intensity, they have a further secret weapon in the form of frontman Nicky Smith - not for him the shamanic posturing of the post-Ashcroft brigade, he doesn't really move much at all, throwing all his passion into his singing. As such, there's just the sound to focus on, and what a sound.

Rob Marshall @Dry bar Manchester 2006 photo by Pedro Vila

Underpinned by a rhythm section that's solidly powerful but with a deep dub feel to it, this is music for the soul, music to drown in, beautiful escapism, with "Reference" and imminent single "Higher Learning" the peaks of a pretty flawless set. They're back at Night & Day on Monday 7th January, and when that single starts picking up the accolades it undoubtedly will, you'll want to be able to say you were there."
By Cath Aubergine

Roll on for the full album lads!

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