Saturday, January 12, 2008

Amos Gitai

Last night I saw a strange film called Free Zone [2005] with Natalie Portman and directed by Amos Gitai. Its the sort of movies that no one talks to you about before hand and somehow, as soon as the film begins you get hooked to it, no matter how clueless you are or how slow the plot is.
Maybe we could call it a good 'Haze'!

Natalie Portman

It was not the sort of conventional movies I have to say, I dont think It will appeal everyone. Amos portrays the middle east complexity through 3 main characters: one Palestinian, one Israelian and one American Jewish. The film is made in Jordan. I think the whole story was about hope and understanding with both arabic and hebrew cultures, on a very much troubled part of the world.
Doing a little search on the internet I found out the director had a pretty interesting filmography to dig in.

I liked the soundtrack and I also found this video in youtube. Apparently is a Jewish children's rhyme called "Had Gadia".

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