Thursday, January 17, 2008

Exit Calm new video

Rob Marshall@Dry Bar in Manchester photo by Pedro Vila

A few weeks ago somebody was asking for extras to appear on the new Exit Calm promo video. Its a shame I wasn't even closer, otherwise I would offer meself without a doubt.
The final result its been a bit controversial already though and mainly because it looks a bit amateurish. Apparently the band its a bit unsure about, so we might get a new one improved pretty soon. Bear in mind they are still an unsigned act.... but hopefully for not too long.
I am personally very excited with this band, as I haven't been with any other onr for long time. As soon as they book a date on a weekend near Manchester or Lincoln I will be on the next plane.

Exit Calm- Higher Learning video

Rob Marshall@Dry Bar Mcr photo by Pedro Vila

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