Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some exciting news for 2016!

Dave Fielding (Former Guitarist of the legendary band The Chameleons) will produce and play guitar in a few songs on the upcoming debut album of Sheffield's 3 piece band TWO SKIES. The recordings will take place in TWO SKIES own studios 'Skylab' and will start most probably on Jan-Feb 2016.

TWO SKIES are : Dan Cutts (Former singer of the sadly missed band LYCA SLEEP), Oliver Harrap and Jamie Cheetham. 

You can listen to their songs in TS official band camp:

TWO SKIES Bandcamp

Here are a few videos I ve edited on the last year from gigs here and there in the north of England so you can have an idea of what is their sound like.


And this is a teaser I recorded last October for a live session in 2Fly Studios in Sheffield- UK.

There are also talks for a second release after the success of The Red Sided Garter Snakes 'Endless Sea'. The title will be 'Blue Lake' apparently and Dave and John Lever have been working already on new songs.

So pretty exciting news for the new year seems.

More info soon!

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