Monday, October 16, 2017

I have been working for a few days trying to come up with a new design-logo for my web design business in Sheffield PVV Web Design.
I thought the old one I had looked a bit dated and in need of a touch here and there. You don't have to be a marketing expert these days to know how important is a logo for brand building.

It is not an easy task I have to say as there are thousands of possibilities. If you don't want to spend any money or you are a self employed with a tight budget there are lots of free available options out there on the internet. Logo generator, logo only have to type it in google and the options are endless like I said.

After doing some extensive research I found out that CANVA was my best choice of weapon. I already owned an account there which it was a bonus. Its a brilliant and very easy to use software to create your own posters or make ads for your companies social media accounts. There are loads of templates and fonts to choose, from premium to free ones. And yes there is a logo maker and its pretty good!

Im pretty sure there must be dozens of other possibilities on the net but I didn't have to sign on in (yet) another account, something I personally find very tedious.
The downside is that CANVA is popular and used by lots of people so you will have to come up with something truly original! But don't let this to put you down. Just be open minded, play with it (Its just drag and drop really), add some colours you like and thats it!
A good advice (At least it worked with me) its to search in other sectors that might not be too related to yours, in order to have less chances to replicate another logo too similar on the same market that your business belongs to.

So here are the results!

To be honest there is no particular motif behind it. After deliberating with 10 or 15 options (yes it really gets THAT confusing at some point!) I thought this one was my favourite. I just liked the colours and the simplicity of the design. 
I believe this days logos don't have to be too complicated. Less is more! ....although that might change in the near it always does.

Hope you like it.

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