Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My first live session in a recording studio

Last friday I had the privilege to be invited to a live session in 2Fly Studios in Sheffield.
My current favourite band Two skies were playing their new songs and all the live performance was recorded for a video release.

The studio is located on an industrial area in Sheffield and I was told some other well known local bands have recorded on this place before.

I meet the band at 6 pm. To be honest I had no idea how long the session was going to be.
They were supposed to play 4-5 tracks and the main thing was to capture the live sound of the band like if they were playing a live gig (no takes). But in this case without an audience!

I was very excited to be there. I have been on a studio before, last time when my friend Dave Fielding (former member of Manchester band The Chameleons) was recording early this year his new album along with John Lever with their new band The Red-Sided Garter Snakes.
But this was a completly different thing.

There were a few camera staff and also some sound engineers working on the studio. Me and the other guests were having a beer on the next room where the sound desk is so we could only hear the band performance through the monitors and see only a little bit through a little window. Not too bad! There was also some video projections behind the band which it gave a very nice atmosphere. 

Oliver and Dan listening to the recording

I loved the whole show and also the new songs they played. The band were indeed very passionated like they do on their live performances and they seemed happy with the result. They get better and better! Oh! and I got a pressie. A t-shirt from the band. The very first ones they did. There is another model at the moment and I believe is still available. But I was missing this one. Thank you!

We will keep an eye on the videos on the upcoming weeks which will be featured in youtube I believe.

This is so far my Two Skies gigography :

1.Coalfields Fest-Barnsley- 14th Jul 2012
2.Coalfields Fest-Barnsley- 27th July 2013
3.Water Rats -London +Goldray- 27th Feb 2014
4.Opium n 10- Barnsley- 22nd March 2014
5.The Plug- Sheffield- 28th March 2014
6.The Leadmill- Sheffield- 19th April 2014
7.Abandon (Secret gig) - Manchester 26th April 2014
8. O2 Academy- Sheffield- 17th May 2014
9.Gullivers- Manchester +Elephant Stone- 9th June 2014
10.The Hope & Anchor- London +Sterling Roswell- 11th July 2014
11.Vipers Room (Tramlines) - Sheffield 25th July 2014
12.Riverside (Tramlines) - Sheffield 26th July 2014
13.Coalfields - Barnsley- 26th July 2014
14.Maida Vale - Sheffield- 22nd August 2014
15.The Washington- Sheffield 25th September 2014
16.Opium n10- Barnsley- 25th October 2014
17-Jam Cafe- Nottingham + Psyence- 2nd November 2014
18-Jolly Brewer- Lincoln + Psyence- 3rd November 2014
19-West St. Live- Sheffield + Psyence- 4th November 2014
20-Castle- Manchester + Psyence- 7th November 2014
21-Plug-Sheffield + Pusher- 14th November 2014
22-Red house- Sheffield- 30th January 2015
23-The Leadmill + Johnny Marr- Sheffield -20th March 2015
24-The Washington+ Pusher - Sheffield -2nd April 2015
25-Fallow cafe - Manchester + Rhys Bloodjoy- 10th April 2015
26-Carsons Bar- Middleton (Manchester)- 21st May 2015
27-Two Skies + Blossoms. Opium n10- Barnsley 30th May 2015
28-Kraak Gallery – Manchester- 3rd July- 2015
29-The Viper Rooms (Tramlines)- Sheffield- 24th July 2015
30-Karma/Temple Of Boom + Black Delta Movement- Leeds 25th July 2015
31-West Street Live + Awooga + Kurokuma (Tramlines)- Sheffield 26th July 2015
32-2FlyStudios- Live session- Sheffield  9th October 2015
33-The Riverside- Sheffield- 22nd October 2015
34-Frog And the Parrot-Sheffield- 2nd Feb 2016
35-Coastival + Cast– Scarborough- 12th February 2016 
36-Milo Bar + {Retreat}- Leeds- 24th June 2016
37-Astral Elevator Gullivers - Manchester- 25th June 2016 
38- Coalfields Festival- Barnsley- 16th July 2016
39-Tramlines Festival- Viper Rooms- 22nd July 2016

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