Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New video from Two Skies!

I have edited a new video with live footage of Two Skies I recorded in different venues in England this year 2015 : Carsons bar (Middleton), KRAAK Gallery and Fallow Cafe (Manchester), West St. Live (Sheffield), Temple Of Boom (Leeds) and Opium n 10 (Barnsley).

Its their new single FEEL which was released on a limited edition of 50 copies in a  Cassette tape format  (Pretty cool!) by the label Blak Hand Records (obviously already sold out by the way).
They keep their 'stadium like' sound and in my personal opinion the whole song has a very strong Sheffield feeling.

Also the b side (Broken Hearts) is a great song too with a very distinctive 80s guitar sound.
Its a very different style from their other songs but I believe this song could be massive with the right promo and support.

You can hear Broken Hearts clicking here in their bandcamp website.

I hope they release this songs again in another format that can reach a far bigger audience because they are great tracks!

I ve also been invited this week to a recording session of new songs in Two Skies own Studio (Skylab) in Sheffield. Pretty exciting to be honest.

I hope you enjoy it!

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