Friday, July 06, 2012


Joel Lopez XTREMEJEWEL hand made bracelets

My good old friend Joel Lopez Garcia lives in the Pyrenees mountains near Andorra and The Sierra of Cadí in a  small village called Bar (How cool is that?) which is 3.900 ft. high above sea level.
Joel makes beautiful hand made silver bracelets (XTREME JEWEL) after 25 years experience in the jewelry industry. 
Their design is unique and they are 5 year guaranteed. They are a pretty classy present. I strongly recommend you to have a look at his website on the link below. You can see also a video of Joel  working with the silver bracelets.


Mind you this is not a mass produced product. XTREME JEWEL is the result of a hard work by my friend Joel. 
A perfect Christmas/birthday/anniversary present. And he delivers worldwide!
Feel free to contact him for any information and tell him you come from this site and you might get a nice discount!

Joel Lopez XTREMEJEWEL hand made bracelets

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Anonymous said...

Woow! They are beautiful!