Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reignwolf-Primavera Sound 2012

I don't do big crowded music festivals anymore although Primavera Sound in sunny Barcelona has to be the exception. His great location in the mediterranean sea (Parc Forum), great atmosphere and terrific line up of bands from all different genres make the perfect cocktail for us obsessed gig goers.

ReignWolf -Primavera Sound 2012

There were about 250 bands playing this year (Top acts from Hardcore Punk to Dance, hip hop, metal, Techno, Goth, indie etc...) so you really need to have planned before which bands you want to see each year.
This are the list of bands I ve seen this 2012:

Primavera day 1: Reignwolf, Mudhoney, Rats on Rafts, Refused, Bombino, Spiritualized and Wolves in the throne room
Primavera day 2: Liturgy, Napalm Death, Dirty Three, M83, Main and Death in Vegas
Primavera day 3: Beach House, Demdike stare, Shellac, Godflesh, The Pop Group, Washed out, OFF!, Mujeres.
Plus Richard Hawley and The Wedding Present as opening/closing acts.

I normally tend to see new stuff, bands that I' ve never seen or heard before unless there is a big 80s-90s band I haven't catch up live with before (Not that there are that many left).

One of my favorite gigs was Reignwolf. What a great find!. This Canadian lad (here we go with the lazy comparisons although always gives a rough idea) sounds like a good mix of Jack White of the White Stripes plus classic Led Zeppelin 70's sort of thing. A man his guitar and a drum bass.

One not to miss has to be is his Fletwood Mac's rendition of 'The Chain' played with a electric mandolin. Here is a good clip video proving what Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf) is capable to do:


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