Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Two Skies

Two Skies is a 3 piece band based in Sheffield, England. I've been looking forward to see this band playing live for a while now. Last 14th of July they performed a top live set in Coalfields festival in Barnsley.

                                                              Dan Cutts-Two Skies

The singer and guitarist Dan Cutts used to play in a band before called Lyca Sleep. I saw them in Manchester sometime in 2004-5 and they blew me away.  He has a new band now and he hasnt disappointed a bit.  They play a sort of Psychedelic/alternative Rock and I personally believe Daniel has a great and a very powerful voice.

                                                                    Jamie Cheetham-Bass

They have a new single released ( can purchase in the official website:

Two Skies official website

                                                       Jamie, Oliver and Dan-Two Skies

Here is the official video of the new single:

And here is a video I ve edited with footage from this summer Coalfields fest in Barnsley UK

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