Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rocket Festival Granada [Part 3]

Fest sunset

Here is some random photos I took while we were on the Rocket festival. Its hard to choose the ones to upload here on the blog as I took sooo many.
But there you go

More Mud fights on sunday!

Mud fights

It was fun, but this one a bit unfair to be honest. I guess they could not find another female contender on the moment. Brave girl, even more because it was a bit chilli! But I guess been from GB they werent bothered it was probably like a hot summer for them!

Kids were shouting, 'fight, fight, fight!' lol

We had a gorgeous weather all the fest, no rain at all, although sometimes we had a bit of a chili wind [We were very high], and also some black clouds were seen on a far distance on the mountains. At some point you needed a jacket and suddenly it was a strong sun, to make it more feel like if we were in England.

nice ...err.. ginger crowd

Tent Dj. Wiked robots they moved along with the music

Lunch time

The view from the main stage from the Trash and Wasted bar.

That was the view from our camp site


Marcelle and Ruppert friends of Dave&Bex from Lincoln

Main stage and Jam on the right

Bored security bloke in a sunset

End of part 3

Pedro Vila

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