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Rocket Festival Granada Part 1

Rocket Festival Mountains

The Rocket Festival its an alternative event held on the Granada mountains. Its organized by english people every year in May. I ve never heard before about it. In fact all the people came 95% were from England, even the staff was english. It was a weird sensation like to be in England but without to move from Spain.
My friends from Lincoln Dave Fielding and Becky Ward came to Madrid to visit me and we drove all the way to the fest. It was the first time I went to this place as I never visited Granada before, and I have to say I was well impressed with the beauty of the countryside, the high mountains and the green fields. The location was about 15 miles from a small village called Alhama de Granada, but we had to drive through narrow paths to reach the actual fest.

Rocket Festival surroundings and security staff

Before we got in the festival main entrance we had to go through a few security checkpoints. I can guarantee you there was no way to get inside without paying as there were bouncers with quads all around the perimeter.

Getting inside the festival

We got in there the night before. You want to find the best place to camp and not too close to the area where the stage is and the several drink/dance tents. The quieter the better for when you want to get some sleep.
My friend Alex [Big Clive] got us on the guest list a few days before. He is a friend of the Manchester band The Calvin Party who were playing on sunday, and after rang John, The Calvin Party singer, they gave us a all access wrist band, which meant backstage access and also the possibility to use the guests/bands toilets, showers, bars etc.... . And thats a privilege on a fest believe me, more particularly the toilets!
Nice one Alex!

Sierra nevada with snow on the back

The first afternoon there were no bands on, so after we unpacked the tent and place it on the staff area access only, we decided to have a look around to see how the Rocket Festival was going to be like.

There was a main stage and lots of tents all over the place, some were dance orientated, some had a small stage for live bands, others were for Djs etc...

Trashed and wasted bar

It was a beautiful place like I said, we couldn't ask for a better surrounding. There was still people fixing everything up. I feel great on this kind of alternative festivals. They arent over crowded, prices are far reasonable and the atmosphere is very friendly, young people and also families with kids. Some looked like gypsies to me, or hardcore festivals users if we can say. Sounds like a pleasant way of life.

Main stage

Granada mountains. The Sea behind!

There were also, how not, the hippie shop area, where you can find all sorts of weird stuff and hippie paraphernalia.

Dave and Bex

The morning after, after a severe hang over it was time to start to see live bands around. When you are on a fest there are so many acts at the same time, which it makes it almost impossible to see them all, so you have to be a bit picky and try to make the most of it.


The first band we saw was called Rothchild.Young lads playing Rock'n roll Guns and roses style I would say. They were good. Its a shame this time of the day no one is watching but is the normal thing when you are starting and you are an unsigned band.

The weather was great and people sat around the fields chillin with the music, having a drink and enjoying with friends.
It was like to be in England like I said, less grass but with better weather!

Next band were from Devon and they were called Hello Molly. I didnt pay much attention to it to be honest. Here is a pic.

Hello Molly


There were all sort of robots and weird androids all over the Rocket Festival. Some were very original I have to say.

pole dancer. We will see her later on

Gypsie kids

Then it was time for mud wrestle fights!

Then it was time for The Skies [I got an email from the band the other day and seems they have changed their name to 51/50s]
It was the same situation like The Rothchild, there was only a few people watching, but they were good too. They reminded me a bit The Cult on their 'Electric' era.
The looked skilled and the singer was confident. I meet them on the backstage the night after and chatted with them and also promised them to send some of the photos I took. I hope they get the recognition they deserve one day.

The Skies now called 51/50s. Pure Rock n Roll

They had a special fan. The bloke was wicked ha ha ..

With a mustache and a wig he looked like taken from a Benny Hill chapter!

Later that night there was fire shows on the circus tent.

end of part 1

Pedro Vila

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