Friday, June 20, 2008

Rocket Festival [End]

Me Becky Ward and Dave Fielding

Me and Dave

And here are the last photos from the Rocket Fest. Fantastic days on the mountains shrouded by beautiful mountains and great music and friends. Thanks to Dave&Becky and Jam for such a great time.

Dave Fielding Chillin

How the hell this new camera works?

Laughing at Dave Jokes


By the time you see today this blog updated automatically I will be flying to see Exit Calm supporting The Music at the Leadmill in Sheffield. I hope to meet a lot of good friends there, Sean and Tony [Lefty] from Barnsley, Gaz&Ness from Lincoln, Jam, Oscar from Premia del Mal, Darlow, my tattoist Nigel [Biggy] from Barnsley too, etc, etc...
Lots of Exit Calm photos promised!.

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