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Since I was 16 years old I always loved bikes. Its the perfect transport in Barcelona with its narrow streets and the intense traffic jams. Barcelona its one of the cities in Europe that has more bikes along with Milan I think. The perfect mediterranean climate makes things even easier. Back then you couldnt think of been on your teens and not have one, even if it was a mopet.

Vespa primavera 75-125cc 1970-80

My first ones were Vespa 'Primavera'. They were very popular on the 80s. You could see them everywhere, everybody had one. We used to paint and customize them in all colours and possible shapes. We also upgraded the engines from 75cc to 125cc and even change the exhausts to get more speed. There was Vespa races and gatherings near the university in Ciudad Diagonal. It was the perfect transport to go to college. What a fantastic feeling of freedom. I wont forget those days.

Honda MBX 75cc 1986

Then on the mid 80s the 2 stroke japanese models arrived. A brand new world. Honda Hurricane and MBX 75 cc and Yamaha RD 75 were the most popular ones amongst the young. They were small but very fast!

Barcelona Pza Lesseps 1986

This days bikes are a totally different concept. 90% of the models have a 4 stroke engine, which its a another driving style than the old 2 strokes ones. I would say less agressive.

Bultaco 'Metralla' 250cc

The classic 70s spanish factory. 'Metralla' was the 'big brother' but there was also a 75cc and a 125 versions. The mighty 'Bultaco Streaker'.
You needed strong arms to ride that. I used to drive one in the summer of 87 when I lived in Llavaneres.

But the Queen of 2 strokes japanese bikes was :

Yamaha RD 350 LC 1985

Andorra 1989

Liquid cooled, two stroke, parallel twin cylinder.

St Cugat 1990

I owned the first version came to market here in Spain , from 1984. Some other Brazilian manufactured models came later but they were not the same, not as powerful as the japanese ones .

This Yamaha could beat on short distances any 500 cc was on the market back then [And probably some still today]. It was a racing replica ready for the road. No bike beat RD 350 on acceleration. I will never forget those sundays mornings in the Montseny, Garraf coast or Andorra high mountains curvy roads.

Pas de la Casa -Andorra 1989

Check this out

The big brother of Yamaha RD 350 was the RD 500 cc one.

The mighty Yamaha RD 500

Liquid cooled,two stroke, 50°-V4 cylinder, reed valve.kick ignition.

It was not allowed to drive it here in Spain but my friend Tony had one with a german plate. Tricky but It did work to him for a while. We were noticed everywhere we went to with that bike. A racing replica on the streets of Barcelona.
4 exhausts, 88HP. and capable to reach 150 mph [240 Km/h] The paradise on earth. They dont make bikes like this anymore.

Check this out:

An acceleration test of a classical Yamaha RD 500 vs a newer R1

2 stroke 88hp vs 4 stroke 175HP!

Suzuki 750 R 1994

On the way to Seville 1994

115 HP of full pleasure. I went with Tony to Seville with the Suzuki once. We departed Barcelona at 8 pm one summer evening and 1 hour later we were having a drink in Peñiscola near Alicante 160 miles away [250 km], it was a very fast bike.

Tony ready for a wheelie

On the way back from Seville few days later we broke the engine on the motorway, there was smoke and oil smell everywhere, the engine was literally wide open and smashed. An oil pump failure apparently. We are very lucky to be alive.

Seville 1994

Yamaha XV 535 Virago

Ganduixer Park Barcelona 1990

Air cooled, four stroke, 70°V-Twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder.
A completly different perspective.

Moto Morini 350 K2

Air cooled, four stroke, 72° V Twin, belt driven single cam operating pushrod 2 valve per cylinder. 35 HP
That was my last bike in 1995. It was a present from Tony right before he started his trips around the world he hasnt stopped since. I sold it two years after when I left Spain too.

Despite it was an old bike it was very noticeable too specially with the Italians. Apparently the V twin engine made this Morini one of its kind. And it was fast too 125 mph [200 km/h]. I made long distance trips with it and it was a highly reliable motorcycle.


Aprillia 550 SVX

This days I love Supermoto bikes also called Supermotard. They are a crossover of motocross and road racing.The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of off road motorcycles and road-racing rims/tires. The motorcycles currently used for Supermotard racing are predominantly single-cylinder 4 stroke powered dirtbikes with 17" or 16.5" wheels.

KTM, Husqvarna and Husaberg are the most popular models, althought Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha have some new models too.

Check out this cuties.

Honda FMX

160kg 37cv 650cc . It has the old Dominator engine but a bit limited in HP. Great bike perfect for SM starters.

Aprilia 550 SVX

125kg only 549cc two cylinders and almost 70 HP! Beautiful.

Honda XR 600 Supermoto

128 Kg 46 HP Pure power.

BMW G 650 X moto.

This is my favourite one. Its coming in Spain on Spring. Less than 150 kg and 52 HP.

My sister's boyfriend Albert rides a Buell. I took this photos last weekend.


Great engine sound, same like a Harley Davidson.

Its 10 years now without a Bike. But I havent close that door yet.

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