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Shoegazing in the 90s

Slowdive were formed in south England in 1989 and developed a very short but intense career until the mid 90s, a decade which aside of few exceptions, was pretty poor when it comes to interesting releases for my music tastes. They were and still are one of the best shoegazer bands.

Slowdive songs takes me back to the early 90s when I used to go on holidays to the balearic island of Formentera. The paradise for scuba diving.
An unknown little place where is reported people like The Beatles, King Crimson, Jimmy Hendrix and even Sid Barrett visited in the late 60s.

Syd Barrett Formentera 1967
Blue skies, white sand wild beaches and clear pristine waters. The perfect ingredients for an unforgettable summertime.
Days of freedom.

Me Formentera 1992-93

I had one of those recorded cassette tapes I was given by an old friend and I used to play Slowdive music over and over again.

But we will speak about Formentera another day.

Rachel Goswell

Slowdive released only 4 albums: Just for a day, Blue Day, Souvlaki and Pygmalion, being Souvlaki [1993] my favourite one. They toured in the US with Ride and Catherine Wheel. In 1995 they split and some of their members formed Mojave 3 with 4AD, changing the sound to a new musical direction.

Here is a couple of live videos I found in youtube. The sound and quality are not very good but I love the songs. Top swirling guitars. Time travel.

Melon Yellow

Sitting by and watch you fall away
Sudden fall, watched you for a day
You know I don't believe in death
Follow the sun, watch you flow [...]
Sitting here and watch the death
Looking for the sun and watch the death
So long, so long It's just a way to [] you
So long, so long It's just a way to [] you
I saw you looking at the sun
I saw you looking at the sun
So long, so long It's just a way to [...] you

Mellon Yellow

The Kings of the 90s Shoegaze Scene?


Syd in Formentera photos:

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