Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yamaha RD 350

The mighty two stroker. 63 HP of pure power and only 350!
The black widow. The legend says RD means Road death, a revenge of The Japanese to the yanks after the WW2.
They dont make bikes like this anymore, mostly due to environmental issues.

Last units were sold in 1994 although the models after 1988 were made in Brazil and some didnt match the quality and power of the first japanese ones [Some were reduced to 55 HP], so thats why the japanese models are highly wanted by collectors But despite there are lots of models they are still RD.

Check out this tunned cuties:

That one would be like a taxi in Barcelona

The mighty Yamaha RD 500! 88 Hp v4

This one is exactly like the one I had on the 80s but with different pipes

RD 500

Thats my favourite one


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