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Pat Taylor Memorial -Jolly Brewer 26th Sept 2009 Lincoln UK [Part 1]

Diamond el Fonsbrook and the Dead Baby Parade

Last Saturday 26th September my good friend Gaz Top leaded and organized a memorial for Pat Taylor in The Jolly Brewer in Lincoln. Not an easy thing to do. He did an sterling job and everything was perfectly organized. All the bands were on time and everybody had a fantastic time. There were 9 bands lined up all day from 12 pm until midnight curfew. It was just a gathering of friends on the memory for the loss of our friend Pat Taylor.

Defnation Lincoln. 'More Metal than your mums Kettal!'

I took this photo of Dave Fielding and Pat Taylor sometime in 2005

The memorial event included the following bands :

-Dead Baby Parade [British Folk]
-DefNation [Metal]
-Helium 3 [Gaz Top Band]
-Martin Jackson
-The Soul Granade
-Coconut DF [Feat Dave Fielding of The Chameleons/The Reegs]

amongst other acts like Djs, etc... and a great BBQ! It was a fantastic sunny day and the atmosphere was great.
All for you Pat!

Diamond el Fonsbrook and the Dead Baby Parade soundcheck

I was very impressed by the quality with the local bands playing although they came from very different styles but they all were quite good. I liked Defnation Lincoln with their combination of new metal on the line of Pantera of the good days.

Diamond el Fonsbrook and the Dead Baby Parade

Gaztop introducing the bands

Diamond el Fonsbrook and the Dead Baby Parade [who used to be called Lipstick Entourage before] played a brilliant set of Folk. Rock Two blokes playing the guitar and two lasses playing the flute. I really enjoyed that. They are very talented.
Also Josh Jackson deserves a special mention as he was playing the drums in that set and he also joined Gaz Band Helium 3 with the guitars and Dave Fielding's Coconut Dog Fuck with the drumming at the end of the night too. Nice one lad..not everybody can say that he joined the stage with a legend like Dave Fielding. A privilege indeed!

Josh Jackson [Helium 3 Dave Jackson son] joined with the guitars

Our Gaz drumming.' and the tap drips drip drip drip drip.......'

Also Shanarchy and Martin Jackson performed a few songs along the day. It was a fantastic relaxed event. The Jolly Brewer has the best back garden with a fairly big stage and some tables where you can sit around and relax outdoors. The church is got right behind the stage gives also a very special and haunting atmosphere too.

Helium 3 bassist Dave Jackson. Top job!

On the late afternoon after Dead Baby Parade more people was gathering on the garden. It was the time for Gaztop Helium 3 to play their set. They were quiet good,. I think they are getting better and better every time I see them live.
Helium 3 also dared with a cover of an old The Cure tune from the '3 Imaginary Boys' album [0:15 Saturday Night].. I used to like some of the old Cure songs of the first and second album and although they are not my thingy nowadays I have to say I enjoyed very much!
Nice one.

Mark Jones-Helium 3 vocals and electric guitars.

There are rumors that they might support Dave Fielding Coconut DF on a couple of upcoming shows in the near future, perhaps a date in Manchester. and why not a gig abroad! I
really hope this happens lads.

Dead Baby Parade

So after 10 pm it was about time for Dave Fielding to join the stage. It was a very special night as Pat Taylor was a close friend of him, so I had the feeling he was going to give everything of himself on the stage.

Dave Fielding Coconut Dog Fuck soundcheck

The ebow master

And indeed he did! he didn't disappoint a bit.
Dave was wild and very emotional. Wild! The real thing. Probably the best show I have seen of Dave since the reunion of The Chameleons in 2000.

Will continue on part 2

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