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Coconut DF show in Pat's Memorial event. Jolly Brewer 26th September 2009 Lincoln UK [Part 2]

Dave Fielding Coconut DF sound check

Dave Fielding: Coconut DF

So after Helium 3 supporting act it was time for Dave Fielding to join the stage. The place was rammed as it was the main music act of the night so no one wanted to miss it.
Dave told me minutes before the show that he was very nervous. I couldn't believe at first how someone with such a long music career can still get that previous stage fright but suddenly I realized it was a very very special night for him and he wanted everything to work as perfect as possible. On the last minute Ralph the original Coconut DF drummer couldn't make it to the gig, so Daniel 'Bongoman' Heard and Josh Jackson [again] joined on the last minute. And they both did a perfect job I have to say.

If I had to play along an 80s guitar legend like Dave Fielding I would be anything but relaxed!

Pure ecstasy

There was a fast connection with the crowd gathered there. All the show set list was improvised [Like all Coconut Dog Fuck shows on the past], they jam the songs on the most natural way and never rehearsed it before hand.
To me it doesn't sounds unrehearsed at all to be honest.

That's me taking pics btw. Photo Courtesy of Cath Aubergine

The good mood and the positive energy started to flow . Dave was wild, he was literally on fire. He is undoubtedly very skilled and has a long wide experience. That is why he makes it work!.
I can guarantee you that you have never heard or experienced anything like this sound before.
Mr. Fielding takes music experimentation to the next level. Basically he managed to shake his glorious past and moved on. Which is to me the right thing to do. If you add that its not easy to play Dave's well known unique trademark delayed echoed guitar effects on a high uptempo dark psychedelic Trance-Dance Beats.

Dave on trance

Dave's emotional speech for Pat

Dave is a professional. He has played all along all his musical career on the main major venues around the world, America, Europe etc....and on the early 80s days supported and shared stage with some of the major acts of the time like The Cure, U2, Echo&Bunnymen, The Cult, Simple Minds, The Sisters Of Mercy, Talk Talk [You name it...] and a long long etc.... Its countless the amount of guitarists Dave [And Reg!] have influenced on a whole generation [Bands like Editors, Interpol, etc..]., its all out there proved and quoted in the music journalism. They were the pioneers and they well deserve the recognition.
He is been around with his very different musical projects since
Years [Pre-Chameleons] in 1979 and you can tell as soon he joins the stage.

Dave took everybody to an unknown [but very pleasant] strange sonic landscape.

Clockwise: Daniel Heard, Dave Fielding and Josh Jackson

The show was about 3 or 4 long improvised songs. Highlights were 'Bosnia ' [Surprisingly not played at the end of the set this time due to the crowd request of an encore] and also some nice 'The Shadows' chords filled the room at the middle of the 2nd or 3rd set.
A nice surprise indeed!

I had the infinite pleasure to hear Bosnia several times on the past, and that night was probably the best one. I am very happy it was finally included it on the last The Reegs double cd compilation released last July, as it never was recorded in studio with lyrics before. Although I have to say I always personally enjoyed it to the max when he played with The Reegs on the late 90s.with Reg Smithies there backing [Can you imagine??!!].
There are some recordings of The Reegs last shows in 1998. They are brilliant, I really hope they decide it to release them some day, and more particulary The Duchess of York in Leeds which was their last show ever. day, and more particulary The Duchess of York in Leeds which was their last show ever.

Dave Fielding taking off!

But back to Coconut Dog Fuck show, Dave feelings were very very intense like I said. He was jumping around and dancing like a...... possessed Shaman?. I recall he even almost felt over the drums once!
At some point I think he was in some sort of trance for his sadly missed friend .....and we all were there to join his mystic experience.

For a very few moments I had the sensation that Pat was somewhere watching everything and giving us all his distinctive and very own warm [always[ honest smile.

Dave Fielding: Coconut Dog Fuck

Dave played his legendary Microfret guitar his ebow on a way that anyone else cant. Quoting my friend Cath's Aubergine from Manchester [The person I know has seen more live bands ever, literally hundreds per year!]:

' .....ask me how I would rather spend a Saturday night - purely on a MUSICAL level - and give me darkly psychedelic techno over rehashing history; present over past; every time. This is just how it is for me. Dave Fielding can do things with a guitar that nobody else in this world can, and the rest of the band provide a quite brilliant foundation on which he can do so.'

Double 12" string guitar. Last Dave adquisition. Shame it wasnt used.

People dance, people had fun. Happiness isn't a crime!

Dave Fielding brought also a double fret twelve string guitar but its a shame he couldnt tune it on time. I personally would love to see him playing that on the most 'Jimmy Page style'!
At the end of the night about midnight Pat Sister Bernardette gave a little speech to thank everyone for turning up to the gig. Also some money was raised for Pat's family who were there, his mum, Dad and brothers&sisters which I had the pleasure and honor to speak briefly with.

Coconut DF The real thing!

For Pat, sadly missed but not forgotten!

They all were very happy and proud. We all gather backstage at the end of the night , and the feedback was so positive by those who turned up. Everybody smiled and was satisfied. I personally had a fantastic and very memorable night and some [Actually several!] Guinness where raised on Pat's memory. Proper Irish wake.

Pat sister Bernadette gives the final thank you speech

Special mention to the show for the lightning too [Gaz Top personal equipment ] as it gave a great atmosphere to the show. Many thanks again mate for such a great job organizing everything, you nailed it!. And also thanks everyone who got involved on the event helping or just turning up. My most sincere apologizes as well if I forget to mention anyone [So many people to say hello there!]. You know who you are.
To me
it was well worth the quick trip from Spain. Despite I lost a few days before my best friend Antonio Blanco Rodriguez who was brutally murdered in El Salvador the 11th September and therefore been very very difficult times for me, there was no way I was going to miss Pat's memorial tribute.
Personally It was like a two in one occasion.

That goes for you too
Tony !

I am pretty sure Pat would be very proud with all of us.

Pat's memorial will go down in history for ever, and quoting Dave 'It was our best Coconut DF gig!!'.

Like I use to say....... Nobody dies if we keep his memory alive.

Pat Taylor

R.I.P. Pat.

Hasta siempre amigo!.

Ps: I managed to take a couple of video shots from Coconut DF with my pocket camera, although sounds is compresed and obviously isn't very good [Soundwise], it shows quite well the spirit of the night [I recall some other guys with proper video cameras so hopefully more stuff will surface one day.] I will upload them when I have a bit of time off.
Also more photos were taken on the night. If you want to see them join our Facebook groups for The Reegs and Coconut Dog Fuck.
or Pats memorial event.


Pedro Vila

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