Friday, October 10, 2008

Exit Calm Live@The Castle Oldham [Manchester]- Sept 08 [The Night]

Rob Marshall genius!

Hearts and Minds new tune intro

Band came on stage before midnight. Simon, the bassist player suddenly points me out a t shirt hanging from one speaker. I look at it and to me surprise I realize it was an 80's Barça T shirt, my fav team!

That was class! Thanks bro.

Nicky Smith Exit Calm

They started with 'Hearts and Minds' again like the night before in Rugby. We had a few tracks to hear from their upcoming album, but god, they get better and better. I ve uploaded a video in youtube for anyone to hear it.

Rob Marshall-Exit Calm

What an amazing trip

Sound was much better and had nothing to do like in Rugby. And also a bit of a lighting was there too, which helps a bit to the show and me photography. Although Nicky voice wasn't 100% due to technical sound problems the night before, as he couldn't hear himself at all although he gaved his best to almost break it.
What a night!.

They try to teach me to be alone, when I believe that we are on our own

They are more and more skilled every time I see them [And its been a few already] and also getting their own style and personality, which is what really amazes me about this band. They are unique.
I get special feelings with Exit Calm, something hasn't happened to me for a long time with any other band, and I ve seen hundreds of live acts on the last 20 years.

Ladies and gentleman, the rather fabulous Exit Calm

Nicky is getting more and more skills, he has the right dose of Charisma a front man needs.

Scott drumming was again sublime again. Unfortunately both nights he was dark and couldn't make good photos of him.

Rob Taking off.

He makes it sound like if there are 4 or 5 guitars in there.

Simon Linsdley shines bright, very bright.

They are on a national tour at the moment and I'm just hoping they get back to the studio soon so we will get the most anticipated 1st album from the lads very soon. There is a lot of expectation about it, reviews from independent and indie sources are rather good. Its been 4 or 5 fuckin years since Lyca Sleep and its about time we get a full studio album. And also hopefully in the future a quality dvd recording , as the snippets we can see in youtube does not do justice at all.
They sound massive!

Pretty Sharon and Nick aftershow

The Castle Oldham, backstage room

Here is the link to Cath Aubergine blog in myspace with some photos too. The best regular read to anything happening to indie and Unsigned bands in the Northwest and other weird Villages you ve never heard before all around England.

Me and Rob Marshall before the show .photo by Cath

Thanks Cath!

I hope to see them live again very soon. And, why not, to play here in Spain next year!

All photos by Pedro Vila

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