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Exit Calm Live Style Bar Rugby. Sept 08 [The Night]

Style bar Rugby


The 1st band on was 7.20's and they were Ok. But to be honest I didn't pay much attention when they played as I was busy chatting with EC band members and some other people popped up to say hello.
As a weak thing the place didn't have a great sound that night and lacked of lights on the stage, something I noticed pretty soon and was starting to worry me for all the photos I wanted to take later of Exit Calm. I love me photography.

The mighty Alex [AKA Big Clive]

So photos do not make justice for the sonic trip we all were going to experience later that night.

Next on were Dogfight revolution. As a curious thing I was told the singer of this band played once with local members of the band 'Spacemen 3'. Very good.

Dogfight Revolution

And finally Exit Calm came on about 11:30. The sound like I said was not brilliant. Nicky mike wasn't working at first and for a minute it seemed the band was left alone there and with no support at all. Rob was doing some funny faces sometimes too, meaning that he wasn't impressed with the sound and neither he couldn't hear a bloody thing.

Plenty of these

Nicky Smith-Exit Calm

Even Big Clive had to warn the sound guy to warn him about the technical problems. I guess they want the best to give the best on their performance and their quality professional style doesn't really clash with amateurish equipments and dodgy sound boards but to be honest they managed to make it through and the whole show was amazing!!......I wasn't really bothered about minor tech troubles as I was in heaven, and I think I can speak for everybody there...we all were!

Nicky Smith. The man is got Charisma

Rob Marshall

I couldn't take any quality photos really as, blame the drink or the poor venue light [Probably both] so It was a very crappy night only when it comes to photography, so I shut a little few but with flash.

Next night in Oldham was going to be a very different night :-)

It was a fantastic show, they rocked the place and also played a new tune 'Hearts and Minds' as an intro. It leaved everyone jaw dropping there.

Nice lasses on the crowd

Rob was again massive, and Simon performed another excellent set.
Scott, the drummer ended up sweating like if he just finished a 12 round boxing fight. Ace.

Although at the end of the night I could tell Nicky was struggling with his voice again, because as he later said, he couldn't hear himself at all.
The band weren't enjoying 100% perhaps, but we all did! The room was packed and also some pretty girls could be seen on the front.
I really hope in the future they get the full tech support they really deserve, although considering the low budget equipment they have now they still sound rather fabulous!

Ladies and gentleman, the rather fabulous Exit Calm

As a funny note I asked Rob if he liked his guitar as he normally plays with the same one, and he said that he hated it! but he had to play with it because he could not affort a new one.

Go and figure the day he plays with a guitar he likes!!!

When show was finished I went to Manchester with Nick, Big Clive and Cath and crashed there for the night, or what it was left of it really.......but waiting already for the next night to happen. we go!!

All photos by Pedro Vila

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