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Two Skies and Model Morning gigs London 11th-12th July 2014

Rob Mc Cleary Model Morning

Friday 11th July 2014 Sheffield finest Two Skies was playing in the Hope and Anchor in Islington London.
It was my first visit to this place. I was told The Sex Pistols played in that venue The Stranglers, U2, Stray Cats and many many punk acts of the 70s and early 80s. Even Ian Curtis of Joy Division had a fit there. A place with an strong vibration indeed.

Video of last saturday gig

Apparently the pub had for a while the shitty policy of pay to play but good news is new management doesn't do it anymore. Its a small downstairs club so you can be literally inches from the stage. So pretty intimate and good if its not too crowded.
Nice to see in first hand London music history. More interesting than visit boring museums and shitty art galleries to be honest.
Each to their own.

Two Skies played new songs. 'Ocean', 'Stay', 'Arrows' and 'Drone Att'.

Two Skies

There is a 7 inch vinyl release in September 2014 and probably more Two Skies live dates for this autumn, which is fantastic news! New t-shirts are ace by the way. Got one mesen. 
Bring on Tramlines 2014!

Two Skies

The opener act was an acoustic set from Sterling Gloswell the bloke from Spacemen 3 and the last band was 'One Unique Signal' with members from the Telescopes which I saw in Cosmosis festival in Manchester last March. Rosco (Gloswell) said there was a party in Hackney Wick later but we somehow forgot about that.

Saturday was Model Morning and 93millionmilesfrommthesun at the Victoria in Dalston. 

The Victoria in dalston, Hackney London

The Victoria its an old traditional english pub in Hackney London,  usually frequented by old Jamaicans clients. Some nice fellas there. And the venue is pretty decent. If only we could bring Sheffield pint prices over to London with us ;-)

93millionmilesfromthesun was a good find! And as a headlining act they were loud! Always good to support the south Yorkshire music scene anywhere in England.

93 Million Miles From The sun Limited edition 200 copies

Viva Doncaster!

Model Morning Victoria Dalston 12th July 2014

And then were Model Morning which was the reason we were this weekend in London for.
There was a bit of buzz with this gig.
Model Morning did split a few years ago and some members moved on to different projects like the band Spotlight Kid. So there was only a couple of live dates announced.

Model Morning Victoria Dalston 12th July 2014

Since they are one of my favourite bands from Nottingham, their self titled album its on my ipod top plays ever and I had never the chance to see them before, it was a show not to miss!
Their last gigs were 6 or 7 years ago when they played live shows with Exit Calm, The Boxer Rebellion, Daniel land and The Domino state (now that would be a good night!).

Model Morning Victoria Dalston 12th July 2014

While we were chatting in the beer garden I could hear from the soundcheck inside the venue the ebow intro of 'We go all night' and I had goosebumps already!
I also had the chance (finally) to meet and talk with Model Morning guitarist Chris Moore (Who used to play also with Echoboy) I haven't spoke with him since the (long gone) days when bands used to upload their music in myspace. Nice one Chris!

Rob Mc Cleary Model Morning

Sometime through their set I closed my eyes for a moment and I swear It was like watch Dave Fielding&Reg Smithies play on the old days. They were only bits and hints obviously but the feeling was there. Nice to hear Chris Moore is a Chameleons&Reegs fan by the way. Thumbs up to the man who can play an ebow without actually having one!
And the drummer (Peter Moorley) is the lead singer! Now thats cool, and he is good!
I think the only time I ve seen something like this before was when I saw Soulwax in Madrid about 6 or 7 years ago.

Brilliant night like I said. Pure Magic.

I dont know Model Morning will play live again. Fingers crossed. But if they do, I will be there.

Massive respect to Goodsoul Promotions for their priceless hard work to promote and put on every week the best and most genuine shoegaze and psychedelic alternative acts in London.
Keep the good work lads.

Model Morning 6 track release

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