Friday, April 04, 2014

Prong@Sound Control Manchester. 3rd April 2014

Always been a big PRONG fan since the 80s (I own lots of their vinyl and other rarities, etc...).

PRONG is one of those bands I have never the chance to see live...I don't think they ever played in Spain before (Thats another reason why I love England!). I got into them because a friend brought us a cassette tape from the US when I was a teenager and it was the hit of the summer for us. Lost and Found and For Dear Life kicked in our wild teenage adrenaline...and still does! Also I always had some sort of admiration for singers who are also Lead guitars which sometimes it can be a busy multitask job which can only be full filed with talent. And Tommy has it.

Tommy Victor singer and lead guitarist was a well known and respected roadie in CBGB in NY back at the time.
They definitely are the gateway for old school metal heads like me to get into bands like Godflesh, Killing Joke, NIN etc..(sorry not into Marilyn Manson crap here). Paul Raven (Rip) from Killing Joke plays the bass in some albums.

PRONG started playing hard core-crossover on the mid 80s and later moved to the thrash metal scene when they signed with a major label in the early 90s and then finally changed to a more industrial sound on the 90s with their classic Cleansing album.

'Beg To differ' has to be my all time favourite Prog thrash Metal album (the only time you will see me quoting 'prog' in music i like  ).
Why this album wasn't bigger? I have no idea, maybe because it was released the very same day like Nirvana never mind....who knows? (A good example of the 'dont's' for a record label certainly). The drummer in Prove you wrong LP and beg to Differ is amazing, so so good and very technical.

PRONG are still touring and they managed to survive all the up and downs of the metal scene on the last 20 years. And they never sold out.

They were last night in Manchester very very good so was the sound. They played on the upstairs room. Broken Piece, Lost and found, Who's fist is it anyway?, Snap your fingers, Snap your neck and a few other new songs from their last albums were amongst the set.

Brilliant vibes for classic thrash metal reunion in Manchester. Got an ace t- shirt and also some goodies signed. 

Top people and a great night!

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