Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exit Calm New Album and UK-European tour

Our favorite English band Exit Calm are back and they are stronger than ever. Their highly anticipated new album 'The future isnt what it used to be' is here. The bench was high with the debut double album but they have not disappoint a tiny bit with this second release.
They are currently touring England and Scotland and there are also strong rumors of an inminent european tour. Its only uphill from here.

                                                                                        Edinburgh sept 2013

I had the pleasure to see the band on the last week in Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh (and hoping to make it to Sheffield and Nottingham on the upcoming days) and I can confirm they are more electric and tight live than ever! Brilliant bass driven songs directed by Simon Lindsley strongly backed up with the shimmering and hypnotizing wall of sound of Rob Marshall electric guitar topped with the skilled solid backbeat of Scott, always working his arse off and last but not least the vocals of Nicky Smith, a very talented lyricist and a better singer.

Album track list:

1. The Rapture
2. Albion
3. Fiction
4. When They Rise
5. Higher Bound 
6. Holy War 
7. Promise 
8. Glass Houses 
9. Open Your Sky

There is a vinyl limited edition (500 copies) and a cd release through their label AC30. 
You can but it here
Ive Heard there are only a few copies left to this date so hurry up if you want to get yours!

They have already a couple of brilliant singles released 'The rapture' and 'When they rise' (both also available as 7 inches format) and seems the track 'Promise' sounds like a contender for an upcoming one. Couldnt think of a better choice to be honest. Along with 'Higher Bound' are indeed my favorite songs on the album.

You can stream the full album Here

For more information of live dates visit Exit Calm official site: 

Exit Calm official site link

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