Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ö.B.N.I. Reunion gig @Puerto Urraco Sisters Bar Barcelona

Marta Martillo. O.B.N.I.

Last night in Barcelona the legendary catalan hardcore punk band Ö.B.N.I.  played a one off gig for the first time in years. The event had the celebration of the bass player Dani Masip 40th birthday but also the enjoyment of a whole generation of the old school supporters of the Hardcore punk scene (or Crust-Core like they like to tag themselves) here in Spain.

O.B.N.I. Early release

The gig was in the Puerto Urraco sisters bar in Pueblo Nuevo the old industrial quarter of Barcelona and it was nice to see that the venue was crowded.  Ö.B.N.I had generated a lot of expectation the weeks before in the HC Punk scene in the city. The supporters were apparently a London based band called TOTAL CHAOS (or so I was told) although I missed it. There were to many people to say hello on the nearby bar to be honest. Hopefully next time.
It was good to see old faces again. Its nice to see that after decades some things/people have never changed!


Marta y GG Dani

Regarding the set list I don't remember much to be honest as I must admit I am not very familiar with Ö.B.N.I. releases (I know the band only because Im an old friend of Carles Masip aka TITU the bass player brother) H.I.L.! ...anyway covers of the Hardcore punk swedish band  ABSURD  and POISON IDEA were played I recall. The songs were nailed by the legendary front singer Marta Martillo.


Everybody had a great night like I said and here we are hoping this seminal Hardcore Punk band based in Barcelona reconsiders to do more shows in the near future....and not for a 50th bday next time!.

Special hanks to  CARLES MASIP (Man of the night) for tell us about the gig.... and get us all in for free!!

Ö.B.N.I. :

Marta (voz) 
GG Dani (bajo) 
Chiko (guitarra) 
Jaume (batería/voz)

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