Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Reegs release from 29th June via Blue Apple Music and iTunes

The Reegs New album on sale from the 29th June

For the first time, a definitive collection of The Reegs back catalogue, featuring all of the tracks from their two out of print albums 'Return of the Sea Monkeys' and 'Rock The Magic Rock' plus b-sides and alternative versions, including a brand new recording of Bosnia, with Dave Fielding on lead vocals. Also featured are two tracks co-written and performed by Manchester street poet Reckless Robbie..

The Reegs were formed in 1988 following the break-up of The Chameleons, when guitarists Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies joined up with vocalist Gary Lavery to create a new band. With their smoldering guitar lines and haunting melodies, The Reegs picked-up where The Chameleons left off; dreamlike and ethereal but still packing an almighty punch.

This is a must have release for all fans of The Reegs, The Chameleons - or indeed, any of the many bands they inspired..

The 2-cd set is presented in a super-jewel box with brand new artwork by Reg Smithies. Booklet includes song lyrics. Full track-listing is as follows:

Disc One: See My Friends / Is There A Mother-in-Law In The Club / Savage Garden / Chorus Of The Lost / Pond Life / Start To See / These Days / Turn It Up / All Tomorrows Parties / Jesus Came To Manchester / Snooker Hooligan / In Disbelief / Oil And Water / As You Leave / Out Of Body Experience.

Disc Two: JJ180 / Blind Denial / Goodbye World / The Dream Police / The Nasty Side / The Dolphins Enemy / In Disbelief (radio session) / Oil And Water (radio session) / Running To A Standstill / The Nasty Side (instrumental) / You Told Me Before / Bosnia 2009 / Subject To Status / The Last Time .

Available via Blue Apple Music and iTunes from June 29th 2009.

As with all Blue Apple products, this is an official release, with the full support and input of all band members.

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Here is a fantastic video with an excellent sound of The Reegs last performance in The Duchess of York in Leeds 2nd May 1998

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