Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Exit Calm live Polish Club -Barnsley Yorkshire England 1st May 2009

Rob Marshall taking off [Photo courtesy of Cath Aubergine]

And yet another fantastic performance of EXIT CALM on their hometown in Barnsley. Without a doubt probably the best I ever seen from the lads. The show was sold out and ' The Glavins' and 'Mourning Becomes Electra ' were the supporting acts.

Simon Lindley

There was a fantastic atmosphere and loads of people turned up from all over England: Southampton, Lincoln, London, Manchester and me coming from Spain of course!

Nicky Smith-Exit Calm

Here is the set list:

Hearts&Minds [Amazing intro!]
We're on our own

Forgiveness [new song ace!]
Higher Learning
You've got it all wrong [Immense]
All on you
Don't look down

It was also great to meet loads of friends, mostly from the Exit Calm message board, Sean, The Wigan Kebab, Cath&Nick, Cath&RobS, Tuggers, Jolly, Alex-Big Clive, Tone [Lefty], Gaz, Nicko and a long etc....nobody wanted to miss it.

There was a special atmosphere on the air before the show, like if something immense and very special was gonna happen......like being in Manchester ready to watch Joy Division on their very early days....something like 'I was there!!'
Legendary night. Nothing less. Shame the photos didn't come up very well, mainly because there wasn't much light on the stage so not many chances really to experiment with the crap pocket camera I've got. I also managed to talk with the band before and after the show and they were highly motivated for this gig.

The only bad news is that seems the album release is being postponed until the end of the summer or probably early Autumn.
We will have to wait then!
They are currently touring in England with the Sunshine underground and hopefully there will be more shows added for the summer.

Here is a quiet good audio recording of the show [I even got mentioned!]


Exit Calm live Polish Club -Barnsley England 1st May 2009

All photos by Pedro Vila

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