Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dave Fielding THE REEGS new double cd release!

Dave Fielding Loch Ness 1982!

Some exciting news!
For the first time, all of The Reegs recordings available on a 2 cd set. All the tracks from the band’s two out of print albums ‘Return of the Sea Monkeys’ and ‘Rock The Magic Rock’ plus b-sides and alternative versions. Its been a long wait, but its finally here!

Dave Fielding&Reg Smithies The Reegs

The collection also features a brand new version of Bosnia, [Cant wait to hear that!] recorded in Spring 2009, with Dave Fielding on lead vocals. And sadly missed street poet and pool champ, Reckless Robbie, joins the band for a raucous rendition of ‘Snooker Hooligan’ and the previously unreleased ‘Jesus Came To Manchester’.
Artwork is by a genius called Reg Smithies.

The compilation is due for release Summer 2009, via Blue Apple Music. To join the mailing list for advance details, just click on the link below to go to the Blue Apple Music mailing list page and then enter your email.

The Reegs new myspace with songs:

Reg Smithies and Gary Lavery

Im hoping to see Dave next week and get more details on the release .
Go and get it before its sold out!!

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