Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Black/White photography

Santa Creu d'Olorda. Collserola Mountains Barcelona. August 08

Fireman's tower

I have been practicing recently with some b/w photography. I think they are another world compared with the colour ones, somehow gives a wider perspective for experimentation and artistic purposes. Not that is better than colour but different. But you obviously need the proper equipment [Which I haven't], but there you go a few of some B/W photographs I took on the last few months o the last places I've visited:

Pere Lachaise Cemetary Paris, Aug 08

Graveyard, Rugby England Sept 08

Sant Pol de Mar Train station Oct 08

Plaça Virreina, Gracia neighbourhood -Barcelona Oct 08

Manchester city center old channels

Talavera de La Reina, bridge over Tajo river, Sept 08

Talavera De La Reina

And here are others I took of some friends in b/w too:

Jordi Felani- Montserrat Barcelona Sept 08

My friend Simón Madrazo in Gracia. Legend! Oct 08

Jordi Felani n Guillermo Azofra in Sta. Creu d'Olorda in Barcelona. Aug 08

Beatriz Suela-Talavera De La Reina

Simón Madrazo

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