Monday, July 28, 2008

Closed due to summer Holidays&Cerrado por Vacaciones!

Costa Brava on the way to Palamos

Well, now is the time for a well deserved Holidays! I have no time to update the blog this days, in fact I want to be away of a Computer/OFFLINE for the next 4 weeks

The plans are the first week to stay with me mates in Palamós Costa Brava, and the main target is to go the most difficult access Beaches we can get, to avoid the plague of summer tourists visiting Spain every Summer.

Then we will go to climb another mountain up to 9000 ft [3.000 mt] 'Robiñera' on the Pyrenees. We ve done a few on the past but there are more than 250!!

Robiñera 3.003 mt

So a trip here and there with the super bikes visiting friends will complement the rest of me time.

Tossa-St Feliu road

So time for plenty of creamy pints of Guinness, some Fancy Cocktails, a good book to read and chill on the next days [We will see about the last one ha ha ..]

Have a great summer

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