Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pedraforca easter 2007

Last easter holidays I went to the Pedraforca mountain with my friends Jordi, Mario&his dog Layla and Guillermo. Pedraforca is a very symbolic mountain in Catalunya maybe due to its strange shape as its got two summits or peaks on top with 2.479 mts high [about 8133 ft.].

Jordi and Mario crossing a narrow path about 5 or 6.000 ft high, I am the one walking behind, you let the experts go on the front! and believe me you didnt want to look down a little mistake and you are done. There was still some snow spots but only in the north side. Mario's dog Layla was reckless but I ll bet you she was more confident and save than any of us!

Jordi Mario and me

To get the top you have to walk about 4 or 5 hours depending how fit you are, but I guess its possible to make it on less than that. But certainly not when you had a few beers before as we did that morning ... ha ha ..

Left summit

The distance takes about 5 miles. I wouldn't say its a hard mountain I ve been in other ones more difficult like Mt Perdido [3.355 mts - 11.000 ft] on the Pyrenees or Pica D' Estats which is the highest in the catalan Pyrenees.
Pedraforca has its difficult parts though but its a friendly mountain for starters.
So about 3 or 4 hours later we reached the top, the view was fantastic and a well deserve smoke was waiting for us!

View from the other side

We have got some friends have made the top but climbing the walls and this is the real thing! Its the second time I have been in Pedraforca mountain, but it wont be the last.

Guillermo Pyrenees Monte Perdido

Here is Guillermo on the way to Monte Perdido summit with Pineta valley behind, which was the way we walked from. And this was only about half way! We have been there 4 times and Im sure we will be more. I will upload some photos about this odyssey another day.

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