Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Vallentuna Sweden

I got send this nice photos the other day. They are from Vallentuna, a beautiful village in the south of Sweden.
Vallentuna is a small town which is located about 20 minutes drive from Stockholm.
My friend Susann lives there and I asked her to take some photos while she was jogging around the village.
They 've got snow from October to April-May and in winter it gets dark pretty early in the afternoon.

Susann's House

The photo above was taken in my friends home one morning. I wonder how they go to work with so much snow!
If we get this weather here in the Spanish cities just for a couple of days the whole country would be collapsed!
Vallentuna countryside

Iced lakes. Sweden is got loads. If this the sort of weather they get in the south of Sweden, where is supposed to be warmer, I can't imagine how it would be like to live 1000 km. up north! Maybe thats why we get Swedish visitor here in Spain in winter wearing sandals and shorts?

This is in Spring....obviously

I find the style and construction of the houses in Vallentuna pretty funny, compared with the ones we have here in Spain. They are very different.

Stockholm city center

There is always a reason to complain about the weather, we all do. Its something I found funny wherever I traveled to. In the Caribbean people says its too humid, Central America too hot, in the north of England and Scotland is always raining so they don't get much sun, Madrid weather is too dry, and the north of Spain too cold [Tell a Swede about!], etc etc ..but I guess at the end we have to get used to it, whatever the conditions are.
Or maybe not...?

But Sweden, under the perspective of a Mediterranean person like me sounds like an interesting and beautiful [but hard at the same time] place to be, although the idea to to be surrounded with loads of blonde haired Swedish chicks everywhere makes the place even more attractive!

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Per Stromsjo said...

Interesting perspective on our country, thanks for sharing that. Here is more of the same whenever you feel like it. Take care. /per