Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Exit Calm

Tour poster

They used to call themselves Lyca Sleep but after a short break and a new line up [new singer Nicky Smith] they are now Exit Calm . They are from Yorkshire in England.

I had the pleasure to meet them a couple of times in Manchester last year and they are top lads. Their reputation its increasingly growing amongst shoegaze and independent circles in Northern England. They are the next big thing!..

Exit Calm Tokyo 06

Rob Marshall [far right] is the best guitarrist I ve seen playing live for a long time. Top spacey& floating guitar riffs, even Mr. McCabe said he was very impressed with their sound. A full album release is expected very soon. Dont miss them if they play around.

It is also rumoured they could support The Verve in their upcoming tour and hopefully a full album will see the light very soon.

There are a couple of new demos in their myspace site:


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