Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tossa St Feliu road

Ride to Tossa [Costa Brava] Part 1

Last saturday I went on a ride with my RD. Bikes have been always one of my top passions, since I was about 16 years old.

This time I wanted to test my Yamaha 350 F2 after all the changes I ve done to the engine on the last weeks and also try the new pair of racing pistons [Pro X] on full performance. It only needs to get fixed the front parts [faring] , maybe I will do this winter, as It does makes the difference for long trips and speed, but I like it naked too.

So a proper curvy road was the best choice for my trip.

Tossa Calas [Small beaches]

I decided to go to Costa Brava, considering its about 30 mins from my place in St. Pol it wasnt really a long journey.

Route from Malgrat de Mar , the end of Maresme

You drive through Malgrat, Blanes, Lloret de Mar and then its when things start to get interesting.

More Calas

Tossa de Mar coast road was the perfect location for my bike test.

Its been ages since I went there last time, maybe 10 years ago, or probably even more.

It used to be a perfect destination for bikers on the late 80s and the mid 90s, but apparently on the last years it got really really popular so I ve heard its normally pretty crowded, and sometimes cops are there althought mostly on sunday mornings.

As it was saturday I did not think that many people It would be there, so about lunch time I decided to set off.
I knew the roads would be empty by then.

The road goes all the way on the coast from Lloret de Mar to Tossa. High cliffs with a beautiful seenery.

All shrouded by pine forests and clean small beaches.
There werent any people on the road aside of me, I guess everybody was on the beach or eating, so the ride was pretty cool....and fast.

The perfect mediterranean atmosphere.

Brilliant curvy roads.

I tried the new tires too [Pirelli Sport Demon] and they were pretty good I have to say. They get better and better the more they warm up.

I finally arrived to Tossa, but I wanted a bit more, so I headed forward to St. Feliu de Guixols which its the next town, right before the popular and over crowded Platja D'Aro.

The road was brilliant too although It got a bit more narrow.

Few minutes later I got in St. Feliu, drove a bit through town and stopped for a drink. The place isn't really special, just another town in the coast. To be honest my appeal in the area goes more towards the quiet nice beaches I did pass before on my way. I remember the rave parties we used to do years ago in the odd hidden beach on this area. They were ace.

Few minutes later I thought was better to drive back.
I already tested my bike to the max [And didnt dissapointed me a bit], so I tried to drive this time more quietly and trying to enjoy more the beautiful seenery.
Pretty difficult task with a 2 stroke engine If you ask me.

Because I was driving a bit more slow, at some point I saw something I missed the first time:

I stopped and made a couple of pics.
Somebody seems had an accident and died right there not long ago.

There was a letter inside the helmet from his friends and family.

Makes you remember you are not alone in the road and to keep always your eyes open. A split second takes your far away from planeth earth.

Right before Lloret, around 6 pm I did my last stop, there was a nice cliff and I pulled over and had my funny smoke, that was compulsory and it was well deserved!

Few minutes later two more bikes stopped too. I had a chat with one of the lads. My bike unfortunetly, makes you be a bit noticed wherever you go [Perhaps for its acceleration: 100 km in 4 seconds, maybe because all the people died driving it here on Spain on the 80s], so we spoke a bit about our machines. He owned a Suzuki Rgv 250, another two stroker like mine.
I havent seen one for ages!

rgv 250

I ve heard pretty good reviews about this particular bike.

Rgv 250 2 stroke

But it has a big brother the rgv 250...which is the 500 one [2 stroke too]! Although I always liked more the Yamaha RD 500.
Couple of blokes came too few minutes later. One lad was driving a black 2005 Yamaha R6 the other one a brand new Suzuki 750r.

I took this photos and also one of the Pipe

Thats a proper Titanium 'Akra' pipe

He said he payed 2.000€ for it!
He also told me he runs circuit races. And few minutes later he left with an impressive wheelie, living everybody there in aw. [Yes I missed the shot!]

Nice one fella.

We saw other bikes passing through.

One was the Yamaha R6R, which is currently my favourite bike and hopefully pretty soon my next one.

Yamaha R6R 2007!

Cant wait to see the 2008 new one

More and more bikes were gathering there. It was a nice atmosphere. People chatted and exchanged engines&other parts knowledge. Finally somewhere you can exchange impressions with and not pissing&boring anyone off!

I enjoyed the chat with all the chaps there, it got more and more crowded, but it was time for me to go.

I wanted more and I thought to go back southwards on the way to Barcelona, but stopping in the Maresme area first. The Montnegre corridor was the the next destination.

Arenys de Munt, Torrentbó, Vallgorguina St. Vicenç de Montalt and St Andreu de Llavaneres too.

Great roads too....but that will go in part 2
If there is good weather this weekend will ride somewhere elses.

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