Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vallibierna Peaks

Climbing on the Pyrenees

This friday I start my holidays!
And whats the best for an starter? The mountains!
My friend Guillermo [Liam] and I we will try to climb Vallibierna Mountains in the Catalan Pyrenees: 'Vallibierna' 3.067 meters [10.070 ft.] and 'Tuca Culebres' 3.062 meters [10.050 ft.]. We tried to make it last August but we couldnt because the weather, although we were pretty close to the summit. You have to listen to the mountains when they say no.

You can do both peaks in the same day as there is the chance to literally crawl from the summit of Vallibierna Peak to the other [Culebres] over a very narrow [but dangerous at the same time] wall, There is a sharp comb that separates both summits wich is known as Paso del Caballo or Taillante (edge) in France. This arête is normally crossed seated on the edge but it could also be climbed seizing the edge on the N side. The seenery is amazing!

I promise a full review when I get online this holidays.

Wish me luck!

Pedro Vila

Edge from 'Vallibierna' peak to 'Culebres' peak, Rock'n Roll!

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