Monday, December 18, 2006

Antonio Vega - Oceáno de Sol

Antonio Vega started writing on the late 70s and joined the popular 80s spanish band 'Nacha Pop'. In 1988 when the band split Antonio decided to start a solo career recording his first album 'No me ire mañana'[I wont go tomorrow]. In 1994 Phil Manzaneda produced 'Oceano de Sol' [Ocean sun] which is the song from the video above. Antonio has a special ability to write lyrics he is a very talented song writer. His song 'Lucha de gigantes' was included in the film 'Amores Perros [Love is a bitch] soundtrack.
He had health problems since the 80's, mostly due to his well known heroin addiction. With the rumours of his death on the mid 90's he even had a tribute album by popular spanish singers and bands, a tribute he obviously didn't like as it was like if they were killing him already.

In 2006 Antonio Vega is still alive and kicking, touring and playing live intimate shows all around Spain. He belongs to another time from the past and he is a part of my memories of the 80s.

I really hope you stay longer with us Antonio.

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