Sunday, November 19, 2006

A quick weekend in Lincoln, England-The Night [part 2]

Coconut DF Live @Jolly Brewer, Lincoln 28th October 2006

Another great show delivered by Coconut DF on saturday night.

The Jolly Brewer, an outdoors venue pub garden, was packed. There is everytime more and more people attending to the gigs, which is good considering the lack of promotion on this band.

I guess is all made by the 'word to mouth', which is without a doubt the best of the promotions.

The show kicked off about 9 pm by a supporting act [DJ Diltsy] who was also lined up at the Brewerfest. Techno Beats energy. A good warm up along with some pints.

Coconut DF started the set about 9:45.

It was the full band, Ralph Harris drums&Keyboards, Paul 'Didge', Dave Fielding with his space rock guitar riffs and an also an extra percussionist.

I am not sure about the sound compared with other previous shows, but I was on the front and stage sides taking some photos, so I guess its not the best place for acoustics.

The whole show was video taped with 3 cameras and also recorded on the sound desk, so that hints the probably upcoming release of a live DVD.

I cant wait for that. It was again a full real pleasure to listen Dave Fielding unique Microfret ebow trippy effects .

Their guitar&techno-Trance beats made everybody dance away. Paul was stunning with his didge so was Ralph on the drums. There was a couple of new tracks played at the end of the set. Dave and Paul rehearsed them the very same morning at Dave's home recording studio in Lincoln. I am aware they were meeting the next days to play and jam new songs.

Dave displayed pure Melancholy in The Reegs song 'Bosnia'. Its the only track with lyrics on the Coconut DF set. Sad song about the loss of a friend, someone you trusted, but all without self pity.

We want a full album lads!


On the middle of an ecstatic guitar solo he dropped in a short but great riff of The Chameleons song 'Pleasure and Pain'!!

What a nice surprise!

Dave said he didnt know how but it just suddenly came to him. Its the first time I see him playing anything Chameleons related in all dozen times or so I have seen him live with The Reegs or any of his other solo projects.

It was commented after the show and everybody seemed very pleased about. It was a short but very nice trip back on time.

Dave took over the toms on the encore.

Coconut DF cosmic trance alliance taking off.

A journey to mysterious sonic lands.

That night we had an intense visitation of energy.
Deep beats and big epic spaced out melodies dominate.

And all this wall to wall with a beautiful church behind! This brought the perfect spiritual atmosphere to the place.

It wasnt easy to get focused taking photos after 'a few' local bitter pints!

The lights and fog machine were again hosted by my friend Gaz and it was a really oustanding job I have to say, as good as it was in the 'Brewer Fest' this last summer, if not better, it was really supportive to the whole show.

Thanks for making that happen mate.

I have no idea wich form or direction this band will get on the future but I really hope they play more gigs even if it is from time to time.

Coconut DF result is a trippy journey, the platform which provides a balanced fusion of Daves unique guitar sound and some psychedelic trance with a didgeridoo on full turbo mode.

A new musical perspective and a fantastic live experience.


You can see some other photos here [same text]:

Pedro Vila, Somewhere in Arguelles Madrid 1st December 2006.

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